Story 97: adjusting swim shorts

Again a bit off-topic but tight swim shorts are already historical and mainly worn in the 1980s and 90s. And the scene might be of interest.

I found this on one of my older hard discs searching for more of my unknown movies. Unfortunately I haven’t found any more clues or better pics but I’m still searching online.

I haven’t found any clips or pics of this one on the web, so I will share this. The scene is from the 2000 German short film “Fast nackt”. I had this on VHS but probably not completetly. I think this is the only scene of interest. The main plot is about grown-ups.

The boy is sitting with other boys in an indoor swimming pool reading something. He stands up and first have to pull his legs of his swim shorts down and later have to adjust some more. Pulling the legs of underwear I have seen in L’enfant sage (see my bedroom blog) but that was due to wearing tight jeans over them lifting them up.

Later he is also standing on the diving board but on the side and from a distance. Swim shorts are maybe too tight especially for the 2000.

Animated GIF is 8 MB and take some time to load. Click for higher resolution.

A rating 10 entry coming next.

Story 96: sailor collar rectangled at front and accessories


I have more carefully rechecked the beginning of the series Löwengrube (another update including Lederhosen coming soon).

Pic 1 showing a boy I think set around the 1900s (YouTube: D1 4). He wears a short sailor suit, white blouse and blue pants and a dark blue usual sailor collar. I think It’s the same boy as in my recent update, there rear view, full body.

He also wears a white shirt or dickey with a usual (non-sailor) collar but a dark blue or black additional neckwear accessory underneath looking like a moustache. I don’t know how this is called. A band or part of a necktie or almost a bow tie. Maybe a collar stay? I have to recheck name and function. I haven’t seen that before (in combination with a sailor collar).

He also put on a napkin and he later wears a backpack over the collar (same episode).

Pic 2 showing a teen girl with a sailor collar, squared at front (looking the same as the rear flap). YouTube D2 1, I think in the early 1930s. I have seen these kind of sailor collars before. But quite rare and I think mostly worn by young women. Here we have one thinner and one thicker stripe.

Main entry (Lederhosen and sailor suit, rating 9)


One boy in a collar squared at front is in Buddenbrooks (1959)

Maybe I have to add squared collars to my collar list including unusual collars.

Story 94: US 4-H girl in sailor dress , boy sailor suit

During research for my one-room schoolhouse pics for my bib overalls blog I found this pic. First I thought that this is a boy. Sorry.

It’s quite rare wearing a sailor dress at the 4-H (a kids farm organisation). And there are very few sailor suit pics on

The only one I don’t already had is the following from 1905 Washington. Not sure if this is an American boy. Also note the hats on both pics.


Story 93: Sailor collar: eye catcher and distraction


One other interstesting thought. After rewatching Le temps des secrets (pictured, rating 8, after Marcel Pagnol), I found this scene at 24 minutes and I thought again about the purpose of a sailor collar.

Richard Oiry wearing white clothes and only the blue collar is different (also funny how it is folded by the wind).

Maybe the collar should lift the eye sight and deflecting from other, lower body parts? Remember Catholic or other religions and moral thoughts in these early days.

Younger kids were mostly clothed by their parents (moms) and the main purpose for a sailor suit was maybe the pride for the Marines and to look alike. See also other story entries, especially


and blog search for “wind” “flying” and “blowing”.

I also have updated the previous story entry and a pic about a folded collar. (Sorry no more Lederhosen yet).


Story 92: Folded or ironed sailor collars


Most sailor collars are plain and ironed, also most of real sailor men I’ve seen.

Recently “Men of Honor” (2000, pictured) starring Robert De Niro had been aired. One sailor wearing a white suit and a white collar (without stripes) which had been folded 4 times.

I wonder why it hadn’t been ironed like the rest of the suit. Maybe due to space limitations on a ship? I have to verify that. Most (movies with) young boys I’ve seen wearing sailor suits and ironed collars.

But I think I have seen som few boys with folded collars as well (but I think on a ship too, maybe a high rated Soviet movie). I also have seen a collar, folded in the middle.

I prefer ironed collars or at least long collar flaps. I have to recheck some movies and my caps (which or on a different HD).

The movie also showing a boy in bib overalls (even underwater), rating 3 (story 78 entry) on my other blog.

Another story entry involving boys and sailor collars coming soon.

Update: Pic below is from Sekretnyy farvater (rating 10) with a collar folded in the middle.

Multipe times folded collar in Nahimovcy (1976), rating 6.


Info 185: Books Lederhosen 1940s 50s 60s

I found 2 interesting books with boys in Lederhosen (or similar brown or black shorts).

Christian Elster: Drei Jungen auf einer Insel

One edition with a good book cover image. As this is a drawing I can’t say if leather or cotton. Book also includes illustrations (including skinny dipping). Online version (not showing the cover image but illustrations):

Not sure if someone is interested in this. The other title I forgot and try to find.

The problem is that the cover images often changes and the plot is not neccessarily describing that clothing in the text. And vice versa. Same for my bib overalls blog. More books there and new ones coming soon.

See also




Update: One more book even with H-style suspenders is

Edda Bars: Das Geheimnis der verfallenen Berghütte.

Exclusive pic#47 sailor suit boy and tiger

A 12 1/2 year old boy in a striped short and tight sailor suit with a faked tiger. 1910s. Name starting with M similar to Maximilian. I haven’t read that Suetterlin language for some time and don’t have the time for research. There are many old styled names anyway.

Funny pic. First I thought that the tiger is a real-sized paper tiger but probably later added. Typical fashion and flat hat but somehow looks different than other sailor suits.

Long neckline at front (so probably short collar flap on the back). High and striped inside dickey. Boy looks younger to me. Not my favourite pic, but still interesting. As usual high res on picasa (magnifying glass).

Exclusive pic#46 class forest sailor suit

This photo postcard showing a class in the woods 1910s or 1920s. Only 2 kids in sailor suits. A boy in the middle (blurred while moving) and 2 kids further right with longer hair probably a girl?

I can’t say much more about it. Probably Germans. Boys with short hair, some wearing ties and suspenders. Maybe some are brothers. Also note the flowers in the girls’ hairs. Is this some kind of fest? May? Also funny the teacher.

Every girl has flowers in the hair. So the 2nd kid in sailor suit is also a boy? Big eyes, long hair. Looks extremely feminine for these days. But I don’t like this pic.