Update 2: Alfons Zitterbacke (1966)


Has been aired yesterday, but I only have seen the end. Even much better than I remembered. Some very good close-up scenes (also showing briefly the red underwear of Alfons through the legs). Also another, even better close-up scene of a boy in smooth finished Lederhosen at 48 minutes. There are also several other boys walking downstairs, but very brief scenes as well and most or all others in buckskin leather or shorts. Pic 2 is at around 55 minutes.

The blue overalls of the girl is also better than remembered. Some good sitting scenes.

Main entry, still rating 7 (I don’t like this boy and his haircut)


Update 2: Aber Vati! (on TV)


2 episodes have been aired yesterday and I’ve seen most of them.

Quite interesting family series, but the boys are very young and not that handsome. Often in black short with 2 zippers and a belt. Not sure if it’s leather or nappa. Maybe rather some sort of plastic (PVC). The fabric seems very thin. But there are some few other boys in brown buckskin Lederhosen but few and brief scenes and mainly from a distance. ALso the twins in other shorts and pajamas.

Pic 1 from ep 2, pic 2 from ep 3. Ep 3+4 will be aired next Monday but much fewer good scenes. Ep 4 is set 5 years later. Also a boy in bib overalls in ep 4 (soon on my other blog, rating ~3).

Also interesting bedroom, soon on that blog, rating ~4-5.

Main entry, currently still rating 9, but rather 6-7


Früher war alles besser! Oder? (ZDFzeit)


Documentary in 2 parts
Year: 2016
Year in film: 1950s, 60s (part 1)
Country: Germany
Who in clothing: boys 5~11, Lederhosen
Who in clothing 2: boys, shorts, speedos, overalls, girl Lederhosen?
Available on DVD: no ?
I own: no
Clothing occurence: medium-
Rating:  7/10
Rating: *******
Comment: Some boys in mainly or only buckskin Lederhosen. I think, I’ve also seen a girl. Also other clothes like (50s) speedos, shorts and overalls. Some scenes in color but I think no Lederhosen. Also spanking scenes (no Lederhosen?). Available on YouTube.

Typical documentary. Guests: Karl Dall, Winfried Glatzeder, Michael Opoczynski and others. I’ve seen (parts of it) it before. I wonder why I haven’t made a post earlier.

Some few but great scenes. Both pics from ep. 1 , best scenes at 16 and 19 minutes.

Part 2 is about the 70s and 80s and there’s also a short version Von den 50ern zu den 80ern. But probably no Lederhosen scenes there.

Rating 6-7.

Very similar to the “Meine Kindheit…” series also showing these kind of footage scenes and interviews of celebrities. For other, similar episodes check out the A-Z list (“Meine Kindheit”, and “Unsere Geschichte” or blog search, rating 3-8)

Update: Die Vorstadtkrokodile (1977)


By coincidence (for checking about Battle of the Network Stars), I found a clip on YouTube and uploaded 2 more and better pics (these ones). The clip repeats the beginning, but I think missing the end.

Still a great movie. But I don’t like the 70s and prefer Heimatfilms.

Main entry, rating 7


Also soon on my bedroom blog, ~rating 6.

Update 2: Euch werd ich’s zeigen


I have briefly rechecked this great movie and uploaded these 3 more pics. Interesting scenes of this handsome, blonde boy in tight, smooth finish or nappa leather, 2 zippers, no suspenders. Even a handstand. Also nice rear view.

Maybe there are more boys in Lederhosen, at least dark shorts like in this fighting scene.

Main entry, rating 7



Update: Ein irres Feeling


This movie is very rare and expensive and currently on YouTube called “Late Lounge Heimkino | Ein irres Feeling” unfortunately with 2 people in front of it and sometimes pausing it. Available as single DVD (42 EUR), VHS or on a compilation DVD, even rare. Starring Karl Dall. Pics 1+2 at ~26 minutes. Another scene inside at ~24 min.

Nice boy with dental braces shirtless in smooth finished or nappa leather with suspenders. But few scenes. Also men in shiny shorts.  Typical 80s comedy film.

Main entry, rating 7



Update: Salto Mortale


Now completely checked this episode 9 – Prag. Even better and much more scenes than first assumed, but in the first half only.

Lederhosen might be of nappa leather. Some good scenes including sitting. Handsome boy, but I prefer shorter hair. Typical end of the 60s haircut. Reminds me of the Pippi Longstocking boy.

The character is called Pavel, but the name of the actor is unknown. Credits including some Czech names at the end but not with their character names. Probably the kids are uncredited. The 2nd half has a dramatic plot about avoiding a pandemic.

Main entry, still rating 7 at


Sommerfrische – Erinnerungen an den Urlaub im Südwesten


Documentary, vacation 60s
Year: 2016
Year in film: 1960s, 70s
Country: Germany
Who in clothing: boy ~7-10 Lederhosen
Who in clothing 2:
Available on DVD: no ?
I own: yes, partly TV recording
Clothing occurence: low
Rating:  7/10
Rating: *******
Comment: Some boys in Lederhosen including smooth finished leather.

Has been aired yesterday. Available on the SWR / ARD mediathek. I only have seen the end.

Another, usual but very interesting documentary. Most moving images are b&w. Both pics are unfortunately just photos (at 1h09+1h10). So I can only give rating 7-8 for now. Needs to be rechecked completetly.

Update: Completely checked (the last 20 minutes of my recording I will check later). Very few Lederhosen scenes. One 5 yo shirtless, blonde boy (b&w at 53 minutes). Best scenes are already pictured. One b&w scene at around 1h07. I think the same boy as well.

Das Rätsel der Sandbank (1984)


Adventure / Thriller series, 10 ep
Year: 1984 *
Year in film: 1904
Country: Germany
Who in clothing: boys ~7-13 ? sailor suits
Who in clothing 2: girls dresses
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: low ?
Rating:  7/10 ?
Rating: *******
Comment: Several young boys and teen boys at school. All or almost all in different sailor suits and mainly blue sailor collars. Most collars are short (long neckline at front). One boy in a red sailor collar. Also girls in that class. But not sure if in sailor dresses. Also a spanking scene of the older boy (standing) in long white pants.

Checking for some b&w classics (soon on my bib overalls blog), I found this scene by coincidence on YouTube (titled Prügelstrafe).

The series is available in the great “Große Geschichten” DVD series (“Väter & Söhne” rating 9, Das Klavier (rating 6), Jokehnen (rating 6), Heldenfrühling, Nirgendwo ist Poenichen, Jauche und Levkojen, and several other good series.

There is a 1987 movie with the same title and including some of the scenes of the series, but that one is not a compilation of this series but an independant movie! Based on the 1903 novel “The Riddle of the Sands” by Robert Erskine Childers. There’s also another, British 1979 movie.

I don’t know the complete series, yet, but I assume few or very few scenes. Who knows the complete series and can give more details? Is it worth buying?

Rating 7-8 for now.