Update 2: Kartoffeln mit Stippe


As announced, I made some more pics, to show the other actors, the front of the purple/brown suit and the stockings of Billi (Benjamin Zobrys).

Pic 1 from DVD 1, other pics from the funfair episode on disc 2.

Most supporting actors are shown from a distance like the 3 boys in different sailor suits. There are even some more boys. One sitting watching a puppet theater (rear view). Pic 4 showing one boy fighting. But most of interest is of course Billi. And I haven’t noticed girls in sailor dresses at the fair. Only later one relative. Pic 4 also showing the main character in pigtails and a straw hat as well.

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Update: Kartoffeln mit Stippe


Some more, better and larger pics of this great series, rating 10. Most notably Benjamin Zobrys (pics 1+2).

Pic 2 is from disc 1 showing him in a purple or medium brown sailor suit. Long V neck line and a matching tie. Both with a short collar flap and a straw hat. No dickey but reguar shirt. Long white stockings (pic 1). Other pics from disc 2. The girl also don’t have a dickey.

Most and best scenes at a fair. Some other boys in sailor suits but all very brief and from a distance. In pic 4 there’s one boy in shorts with H-style suspenders but probably no Lederhosen. Maybe I will make some more entries. Also on my pigtails blog, rating 7 with very long pigtails. Also showing the rear of the girl in the sailor suit.

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Update 2: Heidemelodie


During research for pics for my other blogs, I found some larger pics of this very good and rare movie (rating 10, TOP#1, smooth finished Lederhosen).

Pic 2 is new and showing another boy on the left at school. Maybe it’s then same boy pictured in pic 1 (blonde, same shirt). The redhaired boy on the right is also shown at the doctor (pic in the main entry).

Unfortunately still not on DVD. I have to recheck if I have a TV recording. But if so, then most likely not completely.

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Update: Cuore


2 more pics. I don’t want to have more than 4 or 5 pics on a single post.

Pic 1 showing some hats. A white sailor’s cap and a large straw hat almost like a sombrero. Also a white collar with 2 stripes and matching dickey. Also a large and wide light blue collar also with matching dickey.

Pic 2 showing another angle from a scene from my previous post showing the front of the boy in the light sailor suit and the normal blue collar, also showing his scarf. It also shows the dark blue suit with many thicker stripes and the boy with the complely white collar with a long collar flap.

Most sailor collars are rather short in this series. And all or most sailor suits have long pants.

For other movies with many actors and many different sailor collars or completely white collars or rare, unusual collars see my collar list.


Main entry rating 10


Cuore (1984)

cuorecuore5 cuore3

Drama series
-Year: 1984
-Year in film: 1899
-Country: I, F
-Who in clothing: boys ~9 sailor suits
-Who in clothing 2: other hist. clothes
-Available on DVD: yes
-I own: no
-Clothing occurence: often
-Rating: 10/10
-Rating: **********
-Comment: Many boys at least around 20, thereof at least around 10 in close-up scenes and everone in a different type and color of sailor suits. Many others in similar historical clothes. Directed by Luigi Comencini.

During research for my unknown Italian coming-of-age movie I found this mini series (6 episodes) on YouTube. Unfortunately half of them have been deleted. But still many boys in very interesting sailor suits. I have seen many movies featuring sailor suits but this is maybe the one with the most boys in different sailor suits. Some boys are handsome. Interesting sailor collars. Makes rating 10. I can’t show all of them. There are white, light blue, medium blue, dark blue and other sailor collars. With or without stripes, 2, 3 or more stripes. Different styles of suits, collars and dickeys and also caps and straw hats.

Pic 1: note the boy on the right in a completetly white sailor collar without stripes on the right. There are also at least 2 others in white collar with stripes. The boy in the dark blue long suit is the same as on the last pic below. Short white collar flap on the rear with many thicker angled blue stripes. Matching stripes on the dickey.

Pic 2 showing a blue collar with a thicker stripe on the edge and 2 thinner stripes. Pic 3 showing a blue grey combination. Also another boy in an interesting suit and collar. Pic 4 is a white buttoned suit jacket and another rare light blue rectangled collar.

Famous novel “Dagli Appennini alle Ande” by Edmondo De Amicis. English title: Heart. There are around 20 more movies and series about this plot including animated series. I only remember the 1989 series starring Umberto Caglini but have to check the others.

An update with 2 more pics also showing the front of pic 1 and some hats



Info 196. R.I.P. Karl Moik

Unknown 3: Musikantenstadl ? Karl Moik 1990

R.I.P. Karl Moik (“Musikantenstadl”) and also R.I.P. all victims of the Germanwings flight.

Maybe not all international followers knows or heard of the death of Karl Moik.

He was host of the most famous Volksmusik show. Lots of men and boys wearing Lederhosen were there. I have 2 entries, but one entry is with a different host.

Pictured is a 1990s unknown show with a confirmed host of Karl Moik, probably Musikantenstadl around 1990 (rating 10). I think one of my earliest Lederhosen recording, I still have for about 25 years. More infos and one more pic at



Heidi und Erni (Lederhosen rating 10)


Family series starring Heidi Kabel, 36 episodes
Year: 1990
Year in film: 1990
Country: Germany
Who in clothing: boys ~11, men, Lederhosen
Who in clothing 2: shorts, speedos, jeans, pajamas
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, DVD
Clothing occurence: low *
Rating: 10/10
Rating: **********
Comment: Charly Huber as Hubert (1st pic and I think 2nd pic on the far left) in longer Lederhosen with much patina (H-style suspenders, showing front and back, also with a green traditional jacket, alltogether about 3 scenes), one other (unknown) boy in short and tight buckskin Lederhosen (also H-style suspenders and showing front and back, 2 short scenes) in ep 27, and some other kids in tight shorts in this episode (one on right to the Lederhosen boy on pic 2) and also some other kids in shiny shorts speedos and similar clothing at the camping site, but mostly far in the distance in other episodes. Men and I think 2 older teen boys in Lederhosen in the first episode (brief scenes and not very good, rating 3-4) and some older men in the middle of the series (band). Also a woman (and a toddler and I think a man) in bib overalls (soon on my other blog). And an older teen boy in tight jeans. Charly Huber also in good jeans in ep 28. Blond Rudi Derse (freckled thick nose) as 11 yo Boris in light blue pajamas (barefeet), a light yellow jogging suit and other good clothing of the late 80s.

I still have to check the last 6 episodes (a 23 minutes) but according to IMDb they only appear in this 2 episodes, but maybe there are also other or even better episodes (I will update this if necessary in a few days).

2-3 rather short but very good Lederhosen scenes (each), handsome actors and good plot (the series about the two old ladies (Northern Heidi Kabel and Bavarian Erni Singerl) managing a camping site and encountered many problems, mainly financal ones). Maybe some prefer the short Lederhosen, but I like the longer ones (a bit baggy/too big). Very rare with so much patina (almost smooth finish leather). Lederhosen also look strange next to the bright 80s clothes.

Some very famous actors (in other episodes) including Erni Singerl, Willy Millowitsch, his son Peter and daughter Mariele (she in bib overalls), Gerhart Lippert and Pit Krüger. Also some interesting historical things of the 80s/90s like old telephones, computers, TV sets, cars etc.


I bought this DVD box for other reasons and was surprised of this perfect Lederhosen scenes.

DVD is PAL 4:3, RC 2. Image quality is very good even on big screens, stereo sound, no subtitles, no extras (yet). I think this series hadn’t been aired since the first and only airing in 1990 but after the DVD release it is possible. However the DVD was even very cheap.

Rating 9-10 for Lederhosen. I hope for more scenes and close up scenes of shiny shorts or other interesting clothes. I found no clips on YouTube and few other infos.

Update 1: Boris also in ep. 30 and 32 (32 cycling, good scene), but no more Lederhosen scenes (except a man). 4 more episodes left.

Some better pics, now also on my shiny shorts blog, rating 6


Info 145: Update: Skandal um Dr. Vlimmen. Lederhosen rating 10 !

Complete update of Skandal um Dr. Vlimmen (as announced). Now even rating 10 instead of 8. Much better than thought and even smooth finish or nappa Lederhosen (though rather few scenes). I missed the last10/15 minutes, but I am very happy, to found this airing of this rare movie. Rather a coincidence.

3 more pics and some more infos in the main entry at


I encountered some problems about missing pics and clips here. (Like in “Der Glockengießer von Tirol”) I hope that this is just a temporary problem. Pics of (older) entries are still in my old blog /Picasa albums (please also check my previous blog). Maybe there were some problems during the import of entries of my old blog and this might affect some more entries. I thinks embedded clips haven’t been imported and links (of the old pics) pointing to my old blog.

Poloska neskoshennych dikikh tsvetov

Drama / youth film
Year: 1979
Year in film: 1970s ?
Country: Soviet Union
Who in clothing: boys 8~16 yo, sailor suits
Who in clothing 2:
Available on DVD: no ?
I own: no
Clothing occurence: medium
Rating:  10/10
Rating: **********
Comment: Many older (teen) boys, mostly in white sailor suits, black long pants. Medium blue, very big and long collars with 3 stripes, no scarves, no hats. Striped dickeys. At the wrists 2 stripes. At least one boy in a blue sailor suit (last pic on the left). At least one very long scene in the middle of the movie. Boys even doing a sack race and the collars are flying up and down and some are partly turned over.

I don’t had the time yet to watch the complete movie. I don’t understand Russian either. The movie is about a home for bad boys. And the main character is raised without a dad. Not sure if spanking scenes, but it’s possible.

Russian title :”Полоска нескошенных диких цветов” which means “A strip of uncut wild flowers”. Directed by Ukrainian Yuri Ilyenko, starring Lyudmila Jefimenko, Jurassic Madzhula, Rehymantas Adomaytys, Z.Slavyna and Alesha Cherstov. 1979 Novel is called Brigantina (Бригантина) written by Oles Honchar. Sadly no infos on IMdb.

I have to check this further. Not sure if there is a DVD, probably not. 88 minutes.

Interesting film + teen boys with long collars + interesting scenes with flying up collars = rating 10.