List 20: Alexei Tsarevich and Rasputin films

This is a list of all known movies starring Alexei, Romanov and Rasputin. Maybe the most filmed sailor suit topic about a single boy in sailor suits (and uniforms). Tsar Alexei is shown at different age, sometimes there are other boys and girls as well in sailor suits. And sometimes white and blue sailor suits. More infos and some more pics at their entries. If I missed one, please comment. Christian Bale is one of my favourites (Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna). Note that there are many more documentaries with original b/w or colorized footage but I only list feature films starring other actors here in sailor suits. Rasputine (2011) had recently been aired, but I missed the sailor suit scenes, so I take one from the official trailer. Note that I don’t know all movies completely.

Rasputin and the Empress

Rasputin and the Empress


J’ai tué Raspoutine


Nicholas and Alexandra


Fall of Eagles

Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna

Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna

Kon belyy

Kon belyy

Rasputin (1996)

Rasputin (1996)

Romanovy: Ventsenosnaya semya

Romanovy: Ventsenosnaya semya


Raspoutine (2011)


Unknown 5: Unknown Alexei film

The Fall of the Romanoffs (1917) Lost silent film, Lawrence Johnson as Alexei (unknown if sailor suit)

Into Her Kingdom (1926) Silent film, Byron Sage as Alexei (confirmed boy in sailor suit), rating ~3

Rasputin and the Empress (1932), rating 5

Rasputin, Dämon der Frauen (1932), Alexei (unknown if sailor suit), man in sailor suit

La tragédie impériale (1938), aka Rasputin (1938), rating 4+, Jean Claudio as Alexei

Raspoutine (1952) Alexei (unknown if sailor suit but likely), man in sailor suit

J’ai tué Raspoutine (1967) rating 5, boys+ girls

Nicholas and Alexandra (1971), rating 6

Fall of Eagles – s1e11 (1974) rating 3

Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna (1986), rating 7

Tsareubiytsa. Aka The Assassin of the Tsar (1991), rating 7-8. Aleksei Logunov (although on the cover, I haven’t found any sailor suit scenes)

Kon belyy (1993) rating 2

Rasputin (1996), rating 6

Romanovy: Ventsenosnaya semya (2000), rating 7

The Romanovs’ Last Photograph (2007) short film, Jessica Sportelli as Alexei

Raspoutine (2011) starring Gérard Depardieu (rating 3, very young Alexei)

The Tsarevich (2013) short film, Michael Fitzgerald as Alexei rating 4

Raspoutine (2016, was 2013)  / original title: Rasputin : The Healer (announced in 2011), still unreleased in 11/2018,  France, starring Jean Reno as Rasputin, director Rose Bosch, project paused

The Young Rasputin (2018, was 2016) USA. Mikhail Tank as Rasputin. Not released yet.

Anastasia: Once Upon a Time (2018) Shaia Lipnik as Alexei (unknown if sailor suit) not released yet

Unknown 5: Unknown Alexei film (documentary) (rating 4)

(Tsarevich Aleksei (1996) /1997, director Vitaly Melnikov, Alexei: Aleksei Zuyev. This is an earlier 1700s Tsar. A young boy in uniform, a woman in sailor-like collar.)

Still to check: Rasputin: The Mad Monk (1966) starring Christopher Lee, Robert Duncan as Alexei (unknown if sailor suit, probably not).

BBC Play of the Month: episode Rasputin (1971) with Jonathan Moore

The Successor 1996.  Yaroslav Primachenko

List 19: Sailor collars with more than 3 stripes

This is a list of movies and series with actors in sailor suits with collars with more than the usual 3 stripes for historical reason. I thought, that there are more, but I will update this list, soon. Maybe I also missed some.

I don’t like two stripes or just one, so no need for that list. See also other list entries, like List 12 sailor suit collars (longest, unusual and white collars)

-Beleet parus odinokiy 3+1 thick stripe (rating 6)
-Das Ekel (1939) 3+2 (rating now 5, update coming next)
-J’ai voulu rire comme les autres (4) , rating 10
-Heidi (1937) 4 thick stripes (girl), rating 4
-Die Kinder aus No. 67 (4, girl), rating 6
-Miss Potter (7, girl) rating 5, pictured on top
-The Music Man (1962) rating 9 (not sure if the girl in a white dress has just one thick light blue stripe or 4 or more thinner ones, bad quality on DVD, will recheck)
-My Boy Jack (5), rating 6, pic below
-Novecento (4), rating 8
-Le temps des secrets (4, 3+1), rating 8
-A Friendship in Vienna 4 thin stripes, rating 4 (teen girls)

List 18: Comic, cartoon characters in sailor suit

This is an incomplete list of characters in sailor suit of cartoons or comic films. I have also uploaded some more PD color pics (sailor suits and Lederhosen, 5 in total + cartoons).

-Popeye, his 4 nephews and Bluto

-Donald Duck and maybe some other Duck’s

-Stay Puft – The Marshmallow Man (Ghostbusters)

-Sailor Moon

-Donatello and others (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Maybe someone is interested in this for cosplay or other reason. I forgot Lederhosen. Maybe I find some later. I also have to check the live-action version of Popeye.

Info 93: Vintage Lederhosen and sailor suit books

Some vintage children’s books featuring Lederhosen and sailor suits. Mostly of the 1950s, sailor suits mostly of the 1900s. For overalls see my other blog. There is also the tag books.

Note that I don’t know these books and don’t know if they contain illustrations or clothing related texts. Some Lederhosen might only be shorts and only look like Lederhosen, mostly without suspenders.

Usually I searched for history books containing photos (like the 1st one). I hope that this will be useful for someone.

Sailor suits

Div. “Die Reihe Archivbilder” like Heike Kronenwett: “Baden-Baden um 1900” , some others with Lederhosen (1950s)
Clara Nast: Lottchens Kinderzeit (1911, color illust., different covers, one pictured on top)
Franz Hoffmann: Hundertfünfzig Erzählungen für die Jugend
Franz Molnar: Die Jungen der Paulstraße
Helen B. Preston: Blue Nets and Red Sails (cover, b&w illustrations) 1936
George Alexander Ross: Old Glory – The Story of Our Country’s Flag (1928)
Olive Beaupre Miller (editor): My Bookhouse – Through Fairy Halls 1 (1896)
L.P. Hubbard: A Little Book for a little cook (pic below)
Lois Lowry: The Silent Boy (3x word overalls) b&w photos, sailor suits (mainly 13 yo girl)
Kathryn & Byron Jackson: Pirates, Ships, and Sailors (color illustr.)
Marion Jane Parker: The Children’s Party Book (color illust)
Fanny och Alexander (I own) No illustrations, 1 or 2 mentioning


günther german: Fahrschule zwiebel
Fritz Moeglich: Mauritius Ein Penny Rot
A. Auswald-Heller: Vierzig Jungen auf Schloß Reinek
Friedel Hoff: Michaela und ihre Freundin
C. G. Schmidt: Pitt, der Segelflieger
Dorothee Weigang: Korry’s Abenteuer
Annemarie Hahn: Die Fahndung läuft
Hans Licht: Ein geheimnisvoller Schatz
Johanna Spyri: In Hinterwald
Hal Brendt: Alarm auf Gleis 9

There are also a lot of books about scouting (which I haven’t checked this time). Also there are a lot of books about spanking bad boys, but I think mostly without Lederhosen. If I find any I will announce them. I also have to check books based on these films here.

List 16: Other traditional clothing

I’m starting here a list of boys (and girls) in other traditional clothing.
I have just added some few movies I know or own and have to investigate much more.
If someone knows perfect films to fit here, please comment.
I won’t add uniforms, religious clothing (except existing ones like altar boys), war clothing, gender cross dressing (boy in dresses; there are enough websites) or fantasy/fairy tales films.

UK- kilts

– Schloss Einstein ep. 172, Marcus Wengler as Sebastian Goder (have series entry, pic on top)
– My Life So Far (1999) boy in kilt, 1910s
– The Drum (1938) teen boy in kilt, rating 3
– The Little Kidnappers (1990), boys in kilts, 1903, rating 5
– Il saprofita, boy in kilt 1970s, rating 3
– The Tomorrow People (1973), see bedroom blog
I bet there are more (UK movies, adventure series with ghosts)

UK – knickerbockers and breeches (see tag breeches)

US – bow ties, string ties
-I already have some of it (will be added soon), also Western
-Lassie (1954), rating 6
-LHOTP, rating 6

The Netherlands
-clogs (wooden shoes), hoods, fishermen clothing
-Op Hoop van zegen (boy/girl,men,women), rating 5
-Bassie & Adriaan… (boy,girl) rating 6


-tribal clothes and make up
-Visit to a Chief’s Son
-Ancient Egyptians, pictured

-Nonni und Manni

-uniforms, sailor suits
-red scarves

-school uniforms (see sailor suits)

-other historical clothing to check, monks, ninjas
-Himalaya – l’enfance d’un chef (pictured)

-Fatty Finn


Time based —————————————–


-Egypt B.F. (see Africa)
-Romans (tunics)
-Claudius – Boy of Ancient Rome (rating 4)


-Robin of Locksley (pic showing Devon Sawa and Billy O’Sullivan)
-The Inventors’ Special /composers’ artists’ (rating 7) 15th-20th century
-Saint-Germain ou La négociation

-Barry Lyndon (rating 6)

-Westerns (see also overalls, bow ties, mostly US)
-LHOTP (rating 6)
-Escape of the Artful Dodger (rating 4)
-Pride and Prejudice (1995) lace collars, (rating 3)

1900s, Victorian, Edwardian
check for others than sailor suits (suits, shorts, breeches), bathing costumes (see also blog search)

-uniforms (see complete A-Z list (O=other), Lederhosen, overalls
(to be updated)

check for others than Lederhosen (jeans, overalls, shorts)
mostly here Heimatfilms

flared pants (sorry, I don’t like them and maybe not old traditional enough), shorts, yellow and brown, silver/synthetic, shiny shorts, jeans

tight pants, tight shorts

-partly Lederhosen, sailor suits (esp. choirs), timeless trad. clothing like overalls, kilts, etc, see countries above

Other special clothing/accessoires

-Ties /bow ties, string ties, see US
-Headgear /squared academic caps, sailor hats (see also tag hats)
-dental braces (need for a separate blog) one good series is Schloss Einstein
-shiny shorts (need for a separate blog)
-special haircut, long hair (need for a separate blog)

Maybe if I have a very good movie I will make a separate entry. By now I don’t have time for creating more blogs.

Update: also to check

frilled shirt (middle age, but also in Schloss Einstein),
cycling tights, body art, Football eye black.
time travel movies

Info 49: First entries not showing

Like on my other blog there is a bug if someone search the archive.
The last post displayed is “J’ai voulu rire comme les autres”, but there are some more. Still also problems with the blog search.

Please start on my oldest post and click on newer post.


Entries missing from old to new: (F=Female, M=Male, S=Sailor suit, L=Lederhosen)

-Tante Frieda – Neue Lausbubengeschichten , rating 8, F, M, S, L
-Kartoffeln mit Stippe, 10, F, M, S
-Info 2 PD
-Little House on the Prairie, 6, F, O
-Drei Mädel aus dem Böhmerwald, 8, M, L
-Weihnachtssingen in Polling, 7, M, L
-Info 3 , women, trailers
-13 kleine Esel und der Sonnenhof, 7, M, L
-Nesthäkchen, 9, F, M, L, S
-Maman est chez le coiffeur, 7, M, L
-200 Jahre Oktoberfest, 6, M, L
-You Can’t Do That on Television, 8, F, M, S
-Schloss Einstein, 8, M, L
-Der kleine Vampir – Neue Abenteuer, 8, M, L
-Ein Abend für den Shanty, 4, F, S
-The Go-Between, 6, M, O
-Too Young the Hero, 6, M, S
-Fortsetzung folgt, 4, M, L
-Vater sein dagegen sehr (1957), 7, M, L
-Wiener Sängerknaben, 7, M, S
-Toni Goldwascher, 9, M, L
-Der Räuber Hotzenplotz (2006), 4, F, M, L
-Kleine Leute mal gang groß, 7, M, F, L, S
-Wenn die Glocken hell erklingen, 8, M, S, L
-Briefträger Müller, 8, M, L
-Zwölfeläuten, 5, M, L
-Ein irres Feeling, 7, M, L
-Die Ministranten, 5, M, L
-Heimat – Eine deutsche Chronik, 9, M, L, S
-Enfances (2007), 6, M, S
-Sandkasten-Djangos, 4, M, L
-Barry Lyndon, 6, M, O
-Als ich noch der Waldbauernbub war, 4, M, L
-Eine geschlossene Gesellschaft, 6, M, L
-Abenteuer 1900 – Leben im Gutshaus, 5, M, S
-Info 4 Updating problems, women
-Hahó, Öcsi!, 3, M, L
-Rotterdams Jongenskoor (Villa Achterwerk), 5, M, S
-Bassie & Adriaan: Alle liedjes uit Grootmoeders Tijd, 6, M, F, S
-Tadellöser & Wolf, 4, M, L, S
-Op hoop van zegen (1986), 5, F, S
-Die Blechtrommel, 4, M, S
-Die Sennerin von St. Kathrein, 8, M, L
-Die Trapp-Familie, 10, M, F, L, S
-Sophie – Braut wider Willen, 5, M, O
-Der Bauerndoktor von Bayrischzell, 5, F, L
-Aber Vati!, 9 , M, L
-Der ganz große Traum, 5, M, S

Info 48: Statistics 4

Post views last month 5815 (month before was 5430)
post views yesterday 277 (one month before 148)

Most traffic sources now from Russian spam site and social websites. (last month: 372 (was 424), 221 (was 486), UK 131 (was 228)).

Most search phrases (all time):
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Visitors from countries (last month)
-Germany 1971 (was 1585)
-USA 586 (was 780)
-UK 505 (was 650)
-France 399 (was 184)
-Russia 238 (was 341)
-NL 163 (was 153)
-Spain 151 (was <86)
-Canada 127 (was <86)
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-Austria 86 (was <86)

Most viewed (all time)
-Das Mädel aus dem Böhmerwald: 608 (was 421)
-Info 2: 511 (was 341)
-Heimat: 144 (was 98)

Most viewed last month
-Das Mädel aus dem B.: 188 (was 237)
-Philipp, der Kleine: 186 (was 207)
-Eine geschlossene Gesellschaft: 35

So nothing much changed. I think, like on my other blog, there’s no need of continuing this stats unless something significant happens.

List 13: Purchases

This are my latest purchases, dates, ratings and if I like them. All my personal thoughts. Similar list on my overalls blog.
Not including TV recordings. Most of them are bought for other reasons.
Perhaps this might be useful for someone.
I haven’t really bought a DVD just for Lederhosen scenes yet. Either they don’t exist or I already have recorded it from TV. Good to make this list. 2 entries were missing on my A-Z list.

No purchase for a long time. I considered buying Löwengrube but it’s now on YouTube.

L=Lederhosen, S= Sailor suits, O=other

Title                                     Date     Lederhosen   Rating  I like

Kalle wird Bürgermeister   7/2018          L,S              8       yes
Krempoli                              1/2016          L, O          7       yes
Anderland (1980)                  1/2016        L, O             4         yes
Big City (2007)                     12/2015          S, O           3        yes
Heidi und Erni                      11/2012               L             10     yes
Peter Pan (1924)                   4/2012                 S            5     no+
Dangerous Holiday (1937)     11/2011          S               7       yes
The Music Man (1962)            11/2011         S, O           9        yes
Le temps des secrets             10/2011          S               8      yes
Le temps des amours                 ”                S, O            3       no
Sound of Music (1965)            8/2011          L, S            8      yes
Die Trapp-Familie                   8/2011          L, S            10    yes
Die Trapp-Familie in Amerika   ”                 L                 5       no
The Seven Little Foys (1955)  6/2011         S,O            6    yes (O)
Ein Richter zum Küssen         4/2011          S, O             6       yes
Toni Goldwascher                   9/2009          L                 9      yes
Kartoffeln mit Stippe              8/2008          S ,O             10     yes
Jokehnen                             4/2008         S, O           6     yes (O)
De Witte (1980)                  ~2008         S              5     yes (O)
Die Ministranten                     ~2008           L               5      yes
Bassie & Adriaan, Alle …        ~2007           S, O            6      yes
Die Kinder aus No. 67           ~2007        L,S,O         6      yes (L,O)
Op hoop van zegen (1986)     1/2006        S, O           5      yes (O)
Un peu de fièvre                      ~2006          S, O            6      yes
Wiener Sängerknaben            ~2006            S               7      no
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1936)  ~2005           S                4       no
Schloss Einstein                       2004           L, O            8       yes
Sonnenallee                             ~2002           L               6      yes

List 12: Sailor suit collars

This is a list of my favourite, longest and unusual collars of sailor suits (of existing entries).

Favourite collars: (most favorite on top)

-Die Trapp-Familie, white long collar, also blue, m/f, rating 10
-Tante Frieda – Neue Lausbubengeschichten,m/f, medium lue long, rating 8
-Kartoffeln mit Stippe blue collar, m/f, rating 10
-David Copperfield (2000), white long collar, rating 10
-Wenn die Glocken hell erklingen, blue collar, rating 8
-Nesthäkchen, blue collars different ones, m/f, rating 9
-Un peu de fièvre, blue collar, rating 7

Long collars

-Lord Jeff, m, rating 10
-The Music Man (1962), old women and others, white collars, rating 9
-The Sound of Music (1965), grey/green stripes, m/f, rating 8
-Tante Frieda – Neue Lausbubengeschichten, m, medium blue, rating 8
-David Copperfield (2000), white, also blue, rating 10
-Die Trapp-Familie (white), m/f, rating 10
-Väter und Söhne – Eine deutsche Tragödie, blue, rating 9
-Fanny och Alexander, white, also blue, m, rating 9
-Sekretnyy farvater, m/f, rating 10 medium blue
-The Treasure Seekers (1996), m, rating 8, light green, white stripes
-Dort in der Wachau (men), blue, rating 6
-Nerazluchnye druzya, blue, teen boys, rating 6
-Arrested Development (2003), teen boy, women (sailors) blue, rating 6
-Emily’s Ghost, boy white, 1 thick stripe, rating 5
-Les dernières vacances (1948), teen boy, boys, white collar, rating 5 (b&w)
-Oeroeg, m blue, rating 7

also quite long:

-Nesthäkchen (rating 9)
-Le temps des secrets (rating 8)
-Heaven Can Wait (rating 5)
-Romanovy: Ventsenosnaya semya (rating 7, also long the othe Alexei films)
-La Promesa (rating 4)
-A Death in the Family (rating 5, white collar, looks long)
-Cuore (1984) rating 10, white collar
to check:

-Morte a Venezia (rating 7, white, blue) one supporting actor looks long collar

TOP-10 pic (longest jumper flaps) above showing from top left: Lord Jeff, Tante Frieda, The Sound of Music, David Copperfield, Romanovy: Ventsenosnaya semya, Väter und Söhne, La Promesa, Die Trapp Familie, Enfances, Little Lord Fauntleroy (1980). In comparison pic below showing “Burning Secret” (rating 8). Collars which have the size of a head are long. Most collars are half as long. Note also that some collars are wider than others, esp. Sound of Music.

Unusual collars

-The Sound of Music (1995) grey/green stripes, m/f, rating 8
-Seven Little Australians, black collar, 1 stripe, grey shirt, m, rating 6
-Un peu de fièvre, blue round at front, no scarf, m, rating 7
-J’ai volu rire comme les autres, 1 square at front, 1 round, m, rating 10
-Berkeley Square (1998), unusual colors, bow tie, m, rating 8
-Le temps des secrets, unusal stripes, m, rating 8
-St. Florianer Sängerknaben, pointed collars, m, rating 8
-Der Maulkorb (1958), brown collar, m, rating 6
-Der Czardas-König, brown collar, unusual shape, m/f, rating 7
-The Treasure Seekers (1996), very light green collar, m ,rating 8
-A Pál utcai fiúk (1969), lots of different collars, including long grey, short brown, olive, rating 9
-Cuore (1984) lots of different collars, many boys rating 10
-Les cadets de l’océan, blue collars but white at the front, rating 3
-Chiquititas Brasil (1997), splitted collar, girl, rating 3

White collars (selection, boys only)

-Die Trapp Famile, 2 medium blue stripes, m/f, rating 10
-David Copperfield (2000), 2 stripes, m, rating 10
-Fanny och Alexander, m, rating 9
-The Music Man (1962), m, red stripes, rating 9
-Hao xiao zi di er ji, m, red and blue stripes, 1 thick stripe, rating 9
-Berkeley Square, m, rating 8
-J’ai voulu rire comme les autres, 1 boy, rating 10
-Der Mann mit dem Fagott, 2 stripes, m, rating 5
-Morte a Venezia, m, rating 7
-Die Blechtrommel, m, rating 4
-Child’s Play (1980), m, rating 7
-Feuerwerk (1954) ,m, rating 7
-Les tilleuls de Lautenbach , m, rasting 9, 2 thin blue stripes
-How We Used to Live (1968), m rating 7
-Oeroeg, m rating 7
-Madicken, m, rating 7

Completely white collars without stripes

-Le temps des secrets, m, rating 8
-Life With Father (1947), m, rating 4
-Too Young the Hero, (sailors) m ,rating 6
-Wilde ,m, rating 5
-Ich heirate eine Familie (woman), rating 2
-Cuore (1984), rating 10

See also my other list (and story) entries, especially List 19: Sailor collars with more than 3 stripes, Story 16, 14, 13, 2 and 1.

List 11: Late Heimatfilms and setting with sailor suits

This is a list of Heimatfilms produced 1970 or later and films with sailor suits which are set in 1940 or later. Only existing entries. Sorted by year

Heimatfilms >1970

-Wenn jeder Tag ein Sonntag wär (1973), rating 5 (not real Heimatfilm)
-Wetterleuchten über dem Zillertal (1974), rating 2
-Vater Seidl und sein Sohn (1976), rating 7, series, no real Heimatfilm
-Zwölfeläuten (2001), rating 5
-Da wo die Liebe wohnt (2002), rating 1
-Da wo die Heimat ist (2004), rating 3, mainly young men
-Die Landärztin (2005) series.  2007, rating 4
-Die Alpenklinik (2006-), rating 5
-Da wo das Glück beginnt (2006), rating 6 (11 yo boy)
-Toni Goldwascher (2007), rating 9 (not real Heimatfilm)
-Ruf der Berge – Schatten der Vergangenheit (2007), rating 2
-All You Need is Love – Meine Schwiegertochter ist ein Mann (2009), rating 2 (young men)
-Hopfensommer (2010), rating 4 (partly Heimatfilm)
-Garmischer Bergspitzen (2010), rating 3 (18 yo boy)
-Bollywood lässt Alpen glühen (2011), rating 7 ( 2 boys 9yo, men, women)
-Das Wunder von Merching (2012), rating 2 (17 yo boy)
-Clarissas Geheimnis (2012), rating 5 (12 yo boy)

Sailor suits set >1940

-Adieu, mon ami (1996), set in 1943, rating 5 (girl)
-Nenè (1977), set in 1948, rating 4
-Cheaper By the Dozen (1950), set in 1940s, rating 7
-Belles on Their Toes (1952), set in 1940s, rating 7

-One Good Turn (1955), set in 1954, rating 4 b&w
-Too Young the Hero  (1988), set 1942, (teen sailor) rating 6
-Sekretnyy farvater (1986) set in 1944, (teen sailor) rating 10
-Hotaru no haka (2005), set in 1945, rating 3 (teen girl)
-Mazhe bez mustatzi (1989) set 1945, rating 7
-Das alte Försterhaus (1956), set 1950s, rating 3
-Der schönste Tag meines Lebens (1957), set 1950s, choir, rating 9
-Wenn die Glocken hell erklingen (1959), choir, rating 8
-Lagerat (1990) set in 1950s, rating 7
-Young Adam (2003) set in 1950s?, rating 3
-Peppermint (1999) set in ~1955 ?, rating 5
-Corrina, Corrina (1994), set in 1955, rating 4 (mainly girl)
-Stanley Zoobris Home Movies, late 1950s or early 60s, rating 3, girl
-El coche de pedales (2004), set in 1959, rating 5
-Harimu Ogen, set in 1963, men/teen boys rating 2
-Where Angels Go Trouble Follows! (1968) set in the 60s, rating 3, girls
-Lovey: A Circle of Children II, set 1970s (girl)
-Ellen Foster (1997), set in ~1976, girl
-Babbelgamm, set in 1977, girls (boys) other costumes
-Moy pervyy drug (1979), set in the 70s sailor suit+jeans, rating 3
-Whatever Turns You On (1979), setting 1979, rating 6
-Wiener Sängerknaben (1980), choir, rating 7
Sêrâ-fuku to kikanjû (1981), set 1980s, rating 4
-Der Prinz hinter den sieben Meeren (1982) set 1980s? fantasy, rating 2
-Pauline a la Plage, set 1983, rating 4 (teen girl)
-Hao xiao zi di er ji (1986) set in 1986?, rating 9
-You Can’t Do That on Television (1987), set 1987, rating 8
-Kindergarten (1989), set 1980s ?rating 5
-Ozhidanie (1981 TV movie), set 1980s ?, rating 4
-Spreepiraten (1989), set 1989, rating 3 (girls)
-De freules (1990), set in 1990 (?), rating 4
-All I Want for Christmas (1991), set 1990s, girl, rating 3
-Danny Kaye International Children’s Award (1991), set 1991, choir, rating 8
-Rotterdams Jongenskoor (Villa Achterwerk) ~1991, choir, rating 5
-The Little Rascals (1994), set in 1990s (remake), rating 3
-Ein Richter zum Küssen (1995), set in 1990s, rating 6
-Bassie & Adriaan: Alle Liedjes.. (1995), costumes, songs, rating 6
-The Gingerbread House (1996), set in 1990s, rating 4
-Chiquititas Brasil (1997), setting ~2000, rating 4
-12 toner ned, set in 2000s (choir) rating 5
-How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000), set 1990s, rating 3
-Un peu de fièvre (2003) set in 1990s (choir), rating 7
-Abenteuer 1900: Leben im … (2004), costumes, doku, rating 5
-La promesa (2004), set in 2004 ?
-Zwölf Stühle (2004), set in 1927+2000s, rating 5
-Solvguttene (choir) (2000s), rating 6
-Hände weg von Mississippi (2007), set in 2000s ?, rating 5
-Skins (2007), set in 2000s, rating 5
-Silk Road (2008) , rating 6 (Wiener Sängerknaben)
-Zweiohrküken, rating 4
-Far til fire: Til sos (2012), set 2010s ?, rating 7
-Ein Abend für den Shanty (2010), choir, rating 4