Update: Road to Avonlea – (season 1 on TV)


Sunday on German’s Bibel TV.

Next to girls and women, there are also boys and a young man in sailor suits. Including wet scenes at a beach in bathing costumes and sailor suits. Also boys and a man in bib overalls (other blog now rating 9 instead of 7).

Pics 1+4 from season 7, pic 2 from a 1992 making of (is this the same series ?), pic 3 from s6e2. Also soon on my pigtails blog. Another interesting version is the 1975 BBC series Anne of Avonlea (at least nice historical clothes and pigtails).

Main entry here, currently rating 4 for the girl’s sailor suits




Info 305: Webfinds Lederhosen

I found a great facebook page showing several boys and girls in different Lederhosen dancing Schuplattler. Long and short Lederhosen. I think very few ones in smooth finished leather as well.

Unlike the tumblr blogs, who always got deleted sooner or later, I think this is decent enought to add this on my blogroll.


Happy New Year 2019!


A Happy New Year to all my readers!

Top posts in 2018: Home page/archives 23,000, List 9: My favourite Heimatfilms 897, Unknown 11 (La pietra di Marco Polo) 751, Story 24 (Nesthäkchen) 630, Junges Licht 507, Philipp, der Kleine 497, Die Mädels vom Immenhof 490.

45,800 views in 2018 by 13,000 visitors. Most visiting countries: Germany 12,400, USA 9,500, UK 4,157, France 2,061, The Netherlands 1,966, Spain 1,333, Japan 1,052, Russia 965, Switzerland 885, Sweden 863.

I have 1,350 posts. 397,000 views by 109,000 visitors. 32 Followers. Average views a day 147 (February).

Update: Raggedy Man


I have completely rechecked this movie (at high speed), also soon to be updated on my bib overalls blog.

Nice acting of Henry Thomas (“E.T.”) and his younger film brother. 2 more pics, to better show the front and also their pants. Previously headshot/rear view only showing the Navy collar flaps.

Henry Thomas also in dark blue pants combined with the white blouse. And the younger boy also in bib overalls and the sailor cap. Some more others (mainly men, maybe some kids but from a distance only) in sailor suits later at a fair. More scenes than assumed (2nd half only).

Also nice bedroom scene (both sharing one bed), soon on my other blog, rating ~5-6.

Main entry here, still rating 5


Update 2: Alfons Zitterbacke (1966)


Has been aired yesterday, but I only have seen the end. Even much better than I remembered. Some very good close-up scenes (also showing briefly the red underwear of Alfons through the legs). Also another, even better close-up scene of a boy in smooth finished Lederhosen at 48 minutes. There are also several other boys walking downstairs, but very brief scenes as well and most or all others in buckskin leather or shorts. Pic 2 is at around 55 minutes.

The blue overalls of the girl is also better than remembered. Some good sitting scenes.

Main entry, still rating 7 (I don’t like this boy and his haircut)


Update 2: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory


I have completely rechecked this movie. Although hard to recognize, I now think that these are real Lederhosen out of buckskin or similar leather.

Rather few scenes, as he’s the first kid removed from the party.

I like chubby boys, but somehow I think there are better movies. Obviously at least partly filmed in Munich but no others in Lederhosen.

The movie itself is also quite poor (especially compared to the remake with much more handsome actors and CGI). I don’t like the 70s and the haircuts.

Now also on my Western blog. Main entry, still rating 3 (no need for more pics). There’s also a girl in a rare, red sailor dress.


Unknown #25 found = The Haunted School (1986)


Searching for some DVD to buy, I found this. It’s The Haunted School. Australia, 8 episodes set in the 1860s.

I want to make an order on Amazon. But it’s too expensive there 18,99. It is just 8,99 from the official manufacturer (minimum order 10 EUR, shipping free) or 10 EUR on ebay (incl shipping). Currently, I won’t order this. Maybe later, maybe used. Or wait for streams.


Update: Die Mädels vom Immenhof


By coincidence (searching for swimming scenes for my other blog), I came across this movie and so uploaded some better and larger pics.

I’m still busy and don’t have much time for replacing the older, tiny pics. Sorry. Replacing (almost) finished on my overalls blog.

5 new pics, 1 in the main entry, still rating 9.

In pic 1 , there’s one older boy on the left in Lederhosen as well, without suspenders. Nice undressing scenes of both boys and teen girl. Also riding scenes. Nice boy in pic 2 but without suspenders.



Update: Our Gang Follies of 1938


I recently found a colorized version of this one. Even German dubbed and not available when posting this in 2011. Also updated on my bib overalls blog. Next to other movies including underwear scenes.

Next to Alfalfa (pic 2) also some other boys in dark sailor suits and white caps.

Main entries, rating 6