Update 2: Aber Vati! (on TV)


2 episodes have been aired yesterday and I’ve seen most of them.

Quite interesting family series, but the boys are very young and not that handsome. Often in black short with 2 zippers and a belt. Not sure if it’s leather or nappa. Maybe rather some sort of plastic (PVC). The fabric seems very thin. But there are some few other boys in brown buckskin Lederhosen but few and brief scenes and mainly from a distance. ALso the twins in other shorts and pajamas.

Pic 1 from ep 2, pic 2 from ep 3. Ep 3+4 will be aired next Monday but much fewer good scenes. Ep 4 is set 5 years later. Also a boy in bib overalls in ep 4 (soon on my other blog, rating ~3).

Also interesting bedroom, soon on that blog, rating ~4-5.

Main entry, currently still rating 9, but rather 6-7



2 thoughts on “Update 2: Aber Vati! (on TV)

  1. Definitely a TV series worth watching. I actually believe the lederhosen to be made of authentic leather. They just don’t look like faux (imitation) leather.

    • Admin says:

      Thanks for your thoughts. I have some parts recorded, but haven’t had the time for watching.
      Probably you’re right and it’s real leather. Maybe cowhide. Zimmermann.
      The fabric looks very thin. But thin plastic shorts wouldn’t make much sense for boys.
      I’m not an expert. And not sure how many of the Lederhosen in the DDR were of imitation leather. There were both.

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