Update: Junges Licht


After more than half a year, I finally have seen (almost) the complete movie. One of the best recent Lederhosen movies. Rating 9 was correct, almost rating 10!

Many good scenes and often sitting scenes. But rather few others (from school) and I think no smooth finish Lederhosen. And I don’t like much the main character. Blonde would be better.

Pic 1 at 48 minutes, pic 2 21, pic 3 at 58 (also on all fours, even better) and pic 4 at 34 minutes with another boy in Lederhosen but without suspenders. Unpictured: Sitting on bed at 1h42.

There’s a spanking scene at school (slapping on the hands, another boy).

Definitely worth buying, but I bet that this will soon be aired on TV.

Also soon on my bedroom blog (rating 6).

Main entry (pic there at 14 minutes)


I also have found the recent unknown movie on my shiny shorts blog.




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