Unknown #9 – pic found


I couldn’t find something for my shiny shorts blog neither on my hard disks nor on backup discs, so I searched my prints for that, and by coincidence found a tiny pic of my unknown Italian movie. No more pics (yet) and nothing more shown.

It’s the boy on the right dropping down his pants.

It proves, that I have (or had) at least some parts of the movie. One problem is, that my VHS recorder is defective. Another is, that I often deleted major parts of movies and sometimes haven’t written the title.

As I have a print, I must have a digital pic and maybe a clip as well. But I haven’t found it, although I often search them. I have some cheap DVDr and CDr that can’t be read anymore. And it’s also possible that I have deleted it (the clip on HD or VHS) unintentionally.

So, I try to recheck all my backups and notes on my VHS cassettes for any hints but that will take a while. Maybe I have to buy a VHS player. Or maybe someone recognizes the pic.


Update: I searched 3 of my older hard discs. I found almost everything except this one. I think this screenshot was made in 1998 and maybe printed in or after sept 1998. Definitely not older than 2003. But that doesn’t mean much. The movie is most likely older, I still think (aired) around 1992, maybe made a bit earlier. Haircuts don’t look like the 70s or early 80s. Although short hair and sleeveless white shirts are rather timeless. The setting however could be earlier but I don’t think so. The stairs are outside and there’s a very high stone wall just behind them. I don’t think that’s part of a house, rather a cliff.

I also wonder, why I don’t have more and better pics. It’s possible, that this is just a scan from a magazine (probably not from the web). That could mean, I don’t have clips or other pics. There’s a red dot on the hair and a black curves below, what could mean, that this is a photo taken from a TV screen. Nevertheless, I must have a digital source of this and continue searching my archives.


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