Update 2: You Can’t Do That on Television


I have recently checked some episode for my overalls blog (nothing new found) but some boys in sailor suits.

Pic 1 is from a YouTube clip called “The Worst of You Can’t Do That on Television”. Not sure if this is one of the 2 official “Worst of”, or just a personal one. So not sure about the episode title. A boy (I don’t remember his name) in a short white sailor suit, including short, white pants and a white collar (what is quite rare). Red scarf and stripes. Also he or another boy shirtless undressing.

Pic 2 showing another boy (I think Amyas Godfrey) in a white sailor suit but with a blue collar as “Today’s Child” in ep 111 Adoption (1987). Both no dickeys. Pic 2 long neckline at the front so obviously a very long collar flap.



Please also note that “La pietra di Marco Polo” (unknown 11 with the shirtless boy) is now finally on DVD.

Please also note my new shiny shorts blog.


Historical clothes partly also on my new pigtails blog.



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