Update 2: Unknown #9 – La Storia (1986)


I’m still not sure if I mix up 2 (or 3) different movies, but soon we’ll know for sure, as I’ve ordered the DVD “La Storia (1986)” aka History (directed by Luigi Comencini). Probably Italian language only and no subtitles?

I found the German phrase “zu den Schwulen ?” said by Useppe (pictured) in the novel online and it’s at least one movie, I’ve seen these days and (also) looking for. And watching some of the pics showing the teen boys, it’s very good possible, that it also includes the described stone stairs scene (maybe for 70 %) although I don’t remember a 1940s setting.

After a long break I’ve continued checking all Italian movies backwards in the Italian database, (now at 1976) and still no luck. (No much other new movies of interest either). Can’t be earlier than aired/made in the mid 60s as the movie is definitely in color. Unfortunately fewer and fewer descriptions of the movies. The 3rd movie I’m thinking of, is most likely earlier and French, with mainly washy green landscapes.

Quite expensive. Will take around 2 weeks to receive, then more infos.

Anyway an interesting movie. And at least historical clothes.



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