Update: Our Gang


After finding boys (and girls) in pigtails (and pulling pigtails) and some more boys wearing bib overalls and also Western scenes and interesting bedroom scenes, I also found some more sailor suit scenes and even spanking scenes. So something for all my 5 blogs.

Pic 1 showing twins Charles and Raymond (Ray) DeBriac as Scrappy and Sissy in white sailor suits including white collars and rather short dark pants in the movie “Every Man For Himself (1924)”. Unfortunately the image quality of this early film is quite bad, but there are also some close-ups.

Pic 2 is from “Shrimps For a Day” (1934) I think it’s Spanky. Dark blue, regular sailor collar, 3 stripes.

There’s a spanking scenes of a boy in a night shirt by a man (dad ?) over his lap in “When the Wind Blows (1930)”. The nightshirt is lifted up but that’s not directly shown.

Unfortunately most kids are very young. Also of course more historic clothes and costumes (for more infos and pics visit my overalls blog). Some episodes were also colorized.






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