Unknown 16: Soviet film 70s? = Passazhir s ‘Ekvatora’


Soviet film
Year: 1970
Year in film: 1960s ?
Country: Soviet Union
Who in clothing: boy ~13 sailor suits, girls
Who in clothing 2: shorts, speedos, soviet scarves
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: often
Rating:  7/10
Rating: *******
Comment: At least this older boy (probably more boys) in shorts and a white shirt with blue collar (3 stripes) blue basque cap and a red Soviet scarf. Short sleeves with blue stripes as well.

I found a brief clip but don’t know what movie this is from. Most likely a Soviet movie (or maybe from Hungary, CZ or similar). Probably from the (early) 70s. Maybe I even already have an entry. Can someone help here? I’m currently very busy.

Quite interesting. And I like collars flying up. Needs to be rechecked. Maybe this is a TV series? And maybe there are even better scenes and actors?

Rating 5-6 for now.

Thanks Titou! As assumed,  I already had an entry rating 7. 70s and Soviet was right.



One thought on “Unknown 16: Soviet film 70s? = Passazhir s ‘Ekvatora’

  1. Titou t says:

    Пассажир с „Экватора
    Passazhir s ‘Ekvatora’
    Equator’s passengers

    Of Aleksandr Kurochkin
    67 mn

    One boy named Ilmar swimming with his friends on a large boat called “Equator” on a summer vacation in the summer camp “Artek” on the Black Sea .
    Ilmar suddenly becomes accidental witness to a very strange phenomenon : a passenger on the ship – a foreigner , a magician and ” businessman” Mr. Pipp – suddenly drops into the sea waters beacon. Pipp also noticed the boy and how unnecessary witness, threw him into the sea from the ship . On the boat nobody notices .
    Some time later, the counselor pioneer group discovers shtormyaschego Ilmar on the shore of the sea. Turns out he does not remember how he ended up in the water. Everyone thinks that he fell into the water from a pier …
    Ilmar boy swims with his friends on a large boat called “Equator” on a summer vacation in the summer camp on the shores of the Black Sea.
    He becomes a casual witness , as a foreign passenger – a merchant , Mr. Pipp – secretly descends into the sea beacon. Noticing the boy Pipp resets it to the sea …

    Boy Illmar : Jüri Krjukov – born 5 sept 1954. – almost 14 yo in the film

    The actor in this children’s film is a boy, who along with his friends was on the ship , deliver them to the children’s holiday camp – “Artek”. This is what happen to the boy enough to witness the strange events that will shed light on the film ” The passenger with the” Equator “. He saw an alien dropped into water beacon. He immediately noticed the little boy became undesirable witness these events , so the boy dropped into the sea. Unfortunately , none of the people on the boat , did not notice the incident .
    Only a little later, one of the pioneer camp counselors finds on the banks of the raging sea of the boy . As it turned out , our hero does not remember the events that preceded his loss overboard. Everyone thinks that he fell into the sea from a pier . But the real situation is heating up with each episode , because at any time in memory

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