Update 3: Krempoli


Now I have completely seen the DVDs. Rating 7-8 is correct. Many good scenes of Lederhosen, mainly 11 yo Thomas. First appearance of him in short Lederhosen (and long red stockings) in ep 5 but then very often. Also good soaking wet scenes in Lederhosen (also another boy in wet blue overalls, rating 7).

Thomas is tall and very thin. Wolfgang would be much better in Lederhosen. He’s pictured in pic 2 on the right wearing short yellow pants with a belt. And also other strange 70s long pants. (So historical as well suitable for this blog).

I don’t like the 70s. Long haircuts, flared legs, strange clothes, colors and glasses. Lederhosen are timeless.

One more pic showing him in Lederhosen (and a boy in light red/pink overalls, including peeing) on my overalls blog. There are also other scenes of interest like skinny dipping and the like.

Pic 1 from ep 9, pic 2 from ep 8.

For more pics of the longer Lederhosen and other boys, see the main entry


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