Unknown 11: US or German 70s series


Another unknown movie/series with a shirtless boy, I’m searching for many years. This time with a real pic. I have/had a short, untitled clip. Somehow I thought, that this is an episode of a 1970s tv series (like The Streets of San Francisco). Or maybe early 80s.

I titled this pic as US 70s washing machine. I think it’s a top loading washing machine (not common in Germany) and light grey pajamas pants or sweat pants (also not common in Germany), probably secretly washing his pajamas. The curtains however look German or Bavarian.

I somehow think of “Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl” or The Little Vampire (CDN, D 1985). There’s a plot of washing a Vampire’s cape, but actors look different. I think I have seen this in around 1990 but obviously filmed much earlier. Historical haircut and clothes, so partly fits to this blog. My VHS recorder is defective, but I only remember having a short untitled clip. Maybe the ProSieben logo is a clue (first logo 1989-1994).

Who can help?

Found via The Little Vampire 1986 (see bedroom blog).


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