Update of unknown #9


I still haven’t found this assumed Italian movie. The pic is a collage to better show the mentioned scene. The boy on the left is from “Non si sevizia un paperino” (Don’t Torture a Duckling, 1972). He is similar cool but probably the actual actor has shorter hair and no jacket. Update: I found my original screenshot.

Somehow I think the scene might be mainly in blue/green color but maybe I confound it with a different (earlier) French movie. The setting can also be like the pic below (taken from Gli ultimi angeli, 1978). Don’t know the location. Is this Monte Sant’Angelo as well?

I tried the same databases where I found the previous unknown movie and briefly quecked all Italian dramas (1960s-2000s), around 700 movies but still no luck. Although I used my VHS recorder up to 2003, I think I had recorded it in the mid 90s and the movie could be made between ~1975-1993. Maybe rural and sea setting and probably set in the presence.

The following movies I have (almost) completetly checked and have either a very similar scene, similar plausible setting or similar actors. Some movies I could only check partly as some parts have been deleted. I will update this regularly.

After having checked most of the Italian movies I started to check other Mediterranean countries starting with Portugal, Spain and Greece. Update: I have almost checked every Italian movies back to the late 70s.

Completey checked:

  • Novecento
  • Non si sevizia un paperino
  • Gli ultimi angeli
  • Asfour Stah
  • Malizia (1973)
  • Mon copain rachid (1998)
  • Los ninos invisibles (2001)
  • Il sapore del grano (1986)
  • Ardena (1997)
  • Vito e gli altri (1991)
  • Incompreso (Vita col figlio) 1967
  • La corsa dell’innocente (1992)
  • Akrovates tou kipou (2001)
  • Playa prohibida (1985)
  • El verano de la senora Forbes (1989)
  • La Storia (1986) full TV version
  • Des mouettes dans la tete (1997)
  • Tasio (1984)
  • Nemici d’infanzia (1995)
  • Shvidi patara motkhroba pirvel sikvarulze (1981)
  • Soleil (1997)
  • Secretos del corazón (1997)
  • Il prete bello (1989) (checked most parts)
  • Uma Pedra no Bolso
  • Onde Bate o Sol
  • A Idade Maior

Partly checked: (can’t be later than 1998, more likely ~1991 or <1989)

  • Io non ho paura (I’m Not Scared, 2003)
  • L’isola (2003)
  • Peccato veniale (1974)
  • Verano azul (1981 series)
  • To dendro pou pligoname (1986)
  • Baby Gang (1992)
  • Maramao (1987)
  • Pixote: a Lei do Mais Fraco

Not or almost not checked:

  • Quand j’étais p’tit (1997)




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