Unknown movie found!


After checking about 300 movies I have finally found unknown #8, the 80s French comedy film. It’s called “Les saisons du plaisir”.

Maybe I even have checked all the French comedy movies of the 80s (and started even the late 70s). I feared, that it’s not tagged as comedy film (but as crime film) and that it might be a rare TV movie. But it’s available on DVD (French language only, no subtitles). There’s also a German VHS.

I first checked French websites and lists but found it via moviepilot.de but indirectly. There you can search movies and choose country, decade and genres. I first found a different 1976 movie and recognized a grown up actor called Roland Blanche. And searching the 80s movie starring him, I finally found it.

The movie is maybe not the best one. And I think few scenes with the boys. And they are quite young.

I also searched for the Italian movie but haven’t found it yet. It’s probably more difficult as I’m not sure about the year and even not sure if it’s Italian (but I think so). Pants don’t have bright colors. So could be 70s or even late 60s. I found some very similar actors (but most are darkhaired), some similar settings (also nothing special) and some similar plots. But not that particular one. Some movies aren’t online or are partly deleted. And it’s sometimes difficult to identify movies by few images or none at all.


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