Da lacht Tirol

Comedy /Heimatfilm starring Beppo Brem
-Year: 1967
-Year in film: 1960s
-Country: Germany
-Who in clothing: boys ~10-12, Lederhosen
-Who in clothing 2: men, Lederhosen
-Available on DVD: VHS only
-I own: yes, TV recording
-Clothing occurence: medium
-Rating: 9/10
-Rating: *********
-Comment: 2 boys in short smooth finish Lederhosen (one in black with a belt, one in brown without suspenders). Later also one in a long buckskin Lederhosen. Probably the Hochfilzer brothers, one might be 13, probably sons of Hansjörg Hochfilzner. One other might be Toni Hagemüller. One very brief scene of a very young boy in  buckskin Lederhosen with H-style suspenders (but far in the distance) and some men in short and long Lederhosen. Also Schuhplattler dancing (men only).

As announced this movie with almost perfect scenes. Sadly some few minutes mostly at the beginning (hanging at a church bell, also some even better scenes while swinging and ringing the bell, but I choose this one), later standing and playing with his belt, also rolling in the grass but bad view and in the distance.

One rather short scene of young men dancing with women, Schuhplatter but no Watchnplattler. Dirndldrahn. Typical wide green Tyrolean cotton suspenders, buckskin or patina leather. Also older men in longer black buckskin Lederhosen. But also not many scenes.

Half of this movie are mountain climbing scenes in the snow and very boring. Even not funny at all. I considered even rating 10, maybe one of the best smooth finish Lederhosen scenes ever (so far). But personally I prefer Lederhosen with suspenders and real, peacefully Heimatfilms with cabins and animals. I have to watch it again and compare it to other movies (with teens). I couldn’t find any clips and only a VHS release.

Novel by Karl Springenschmid. Also starring Sepp Rist, Rudi Lindner and Franz Jäger. Film aka “Entscheidung am wilden Kaiser” and Ruf der Berge.

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