List 12: Sailor suit collars

This is a list of my favourite, longest and unusual collars of sailor suits (of existing entries).

Favourite collars: (most favorite on top)

-Die Trapp-Familie, white long collar, also blue, m/f, rating 10
-Tante Frieda – Neue Lausbubengeschichten,m/f, medium lue long, rating 8
-Kartoffeln mit Stippe blue collar, m/f, rating 10
-David Copperfield (2000), white long collar, rating 10
-Wenn die Glocken hell erklingen, blue collar, rating 8
-Nesthäkchen, blue collars different ones, m/f, rating 9
-Un peu de fièvre, blue collar, rating 7

Long collars

-Lord Jeff, m, rating 10
-The Music Man (1962), old women and others, white collars, rating 9
-The Sound of Music (1965), grey/green stripes, m/f, rating 8
-Tante Frieda – Neue Lausbubengeschichten, m, medium blue, rating 8
-David Copperfield (2000), white, also blue, rating 10
-Die Trapp-Familie (white), m/f, rating 10
-Väter und Söhne – Eine deutsche Tragödie, blue, rating 9
-Fanny och Alexander, white, also blue, m, rating 9
-Sekretnyy farvater, m/f, rating 10 medium blue
-The Treasure Seekers (1996), m, rating 8, light green, white stripes
-Dort in der Wachau (men), blue, rating 6
-Nerazluchnye druzya, blue, teen boys, rating 6
-Arrested Development (2003), teen boy, women (sailors) blue, rating 6
-Emily’s Ghost, boy white, 1 thick stripe, rating 5
-Les dernières vacances (1948), teen boy, boys, white collar, rating 5 (b&w)
-Oeroeg, m blue, rating 7

also quite long:

-Nesthäkchen (rating 9)
-Le temps des secrets (rating 8)
-Heaven Can Wait (rating 5)
-Romanovy: Ventsenosnaya semya (rating 7, also long the othe Alexei films)
-La Promesa (rating 4)
-A Death in the Family (rating 5, white collar, looks long)
-Cuore (1984) rating 10, white collar
to check:

-Morte a Venezia (rating 7, white, blue) one supporting actor looks long collar

TOP-10 pic (longest jumper flaps) above showing from top left: Lord Jeff, Tante Frieda, The Sound of Music, David Copperfield, Romanovy: Ventsenosnaya semya, Väter und Söhne, La Promesa, Die Trapp Familie, Enfances, Little Lord Fauntleroy (1980). In comparison pic below showing “Burning Secret” (rating 8). Collars which have the size of a head are long. Most collars are half as long. Note also that some collars are wider than others, esp. Sound of Music.

Unusual collars

-The Sound of Music (1995) grey/green stripes, m/f, rating 8
-Seven Little Australians, black collar, 1 stripe, grey shirt, m, rating 6
-Un peu de fièvre, blue round at front, no scarf, m, rating 7
-J’ai volu rire comme les autres, 1 square at front, 1 round, m, rating 10
-Berkeley Square (1998), unusual colors, bow tie, m, rating 8
-Le temps des secrets, unusal stripes, m, rating 8
-St. Florianer Sängerknaben, pointed collars, m, rating 8
-Der Maulkorb (1958), brown collar, m, rating 6
-Der Czardas-König, brown collar, unusual shape, m/f, rating 7
-The Treasure Seekers (1996), very light green collar, m ,rating 8
-A Pál utcai fiúk (1969), lots of different collars, including long grey, short brown, olive, rating 9
-Cuore (1984) lots of different collars, many boys rating 10
-Les cadets de l’océan, blue collars but white at the front, rating 3
-Chiquititas Brasil (1997), splitted collar, girl, rating 3

White collars (selection, boys only)

-Die Trapp Famile, 2 medium blue stripes, m/f, rating 10
-David Copperfield (2000), 2 stripes, m, rating 10
-Fanny och Alexander, m, rating 9
-The Music Man (1962), m, red stripes, rating 9
-Hao xiao zi di er ji, m, red and blue stripes, 1 thick stripe, rating 9
-Berkeley Square, m, rating 8
-J’ai voulu rire comme les autres, 1 boy, rating 10
-Der Mann mit dem Fagott, 2 stripes, m, rating 5
-Morte a Venezia, m, rating 7
-Die Blechtrommel, m, rating 4
-Child’s Play (1980), m, rating 7
-Feuerwerk (1954) ,m, rating 7
-Les tilleuls de Lautenbach , m, rasting 9, 2 thin blue stripes
-How We Used to Live (1968), m rating 7
-Oeroeg, m rating 7
-Madicken, m, rating 7

Completely white collars without stripes

-Le temps des secrets, m, rating 8
-Life With Father (1947), m, rating 4
-Too Young the Hero, (sailors) m ,rating 6
-Wilde ,m, rating 5
-Ich heirate eine Familie (woman), rating 2
-Cuore (1984), rating 10

See also my other list (and story) entries, especially List 19: Sailor collars with more than 3 stripes, Story 16, 14, 13, 2 and 1.


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