List 10: Michael Ande films

Die Prinzessin von St. Wolfgangwenndieglockenhellerklingen-n2

This is a list of (existing) entries of films starring young Michael Ande. I made this list for several reasons. Main reason is to find missing films and possibly other films. Often there are also other actors in Lederhosen (and sailor suits). It also shows, which is (in my opinion) the best, which has sailor suits and which don’t, etc. Also the blog search often doesn’t work properly. As usual, this list will be updated (if necessary). I hope this list will be useful.
The list is sorted by year. (See also other lists like favourite Heimatfilms, rare movies etc.)

Year  title                              rating,sailor suit,other boys, available

1956 Das Hirtenlied vom Kaisertal, 9, no, yes, no
1956 Alpenglühn im Wetterstein (same film as Das Hirtenlied..)
1956 Die Trapp-Familie, 10, yes, yes, DVD
1956 Zärtliches Geheimnis, (b/w), 8, no?, yes, no
1957 Die Prinzessin von St. Wolfgang, 6, no, no?, VHS
1957 Der schönste Tag meines Lebens, 9, yes, yes, no *
1957 Skandal in Ischl, 3, no, no, no  (no Lederhosen, no sailor suit)
1958 Die Trapp-Familie in America, 5, yes (men), yes, DVD
1959 Wenn die Glocken hell erklingen, 8, yes, yes, VHS

Unsorted, with no entries yet, but confirmed Lederhosen or sailor suits (or similar or other historical clothing):

-1954 Marianne de ma jeunnesse (b/w) (Ande and some young men in medium length pants with suspenders, probably not Lederhosen? Caps like scouts)
-1958 Majestät auf Abwegen (color) maybe no Lederhosen? but probably interesting other historical clothing incl. boy as prince in uniform (Günter Hoffmann) and Oliver Grimm in historical (Hungarian? Tracht)
-1962 Der kleine Lord (unsure, maybe Lederhosen), modern version, Ande is grown up, see Info 100

All films are Heimatfilms featuring Lederhosen. Skandal in Ischl= no Lederhosen, no sailor suits.

Most of the new entries appears to be rare. Some infos (pics) at
In later films, Ande is not a child anymore. Not sure if IMDb films are complete.


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