Le temps des secrets

TV biography, novel by Marcel Pagnol
Year: 2007
Year in film: ~1906
Country: France, Belgium
Who in clothing: Marcel 11ys, sailor suits
Who in clothing 2: Isabelle ~ 10, boy ~7, boys ~11ys
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes 2 DVDs *
Clothing occurence: medium
Rating:  8/10
Rating: ********
Comment: Richard Oiry as 11 yo Marcel Pagnol most of the time in white striped sailor suit, blue collar 2 stripes with no shirt underneath (pictured on top). Also he and other boys (pic below) at school in dark sailor suits with 4 stripes (with shirt), a girl (Isabelle) in medium blue sailor jacket (white dress) with a long brown braid. His younger brother with a complete white collar (pic below) and also 2 young kids (brother+sister?) in the background purple suits, blue collar. Also good other historical clothing and flat hats and other school uniforms (capes) and nightshirts. Marcel wore white and dark green pants (7/8th length).

There is a sequel “Le temps des amours” (2007, same actors, see that entry, coming soon, rating 3) and both are the last 2 parts in the novel series Souvenirs d’enfances “Memories of Childhood” by Pagnol (first 2 are “Le gloire de mon père” and “Le chateau de ma mère” aka “My Father’s Glory”, now also an entry, rating 7 and “My Mother’s Castle” which have also been made into famous movies by Yves Robert (I know both). I like those French films with rural content. French language only and haven’t found any dubbed versions.

Update: I now have purchased this film + sequel. Both films are also available on separate DVDs and sometimes offered with one film missing (so check the description especially on used DVDs).

This first film is good with perfect landscape scenes (I didn’t know that Southern France is so bright green, but I don’t rate the landscape.) Good actors and some good scenes with sailor suits (more than expected). But somehow I miss something. The plot is a bit weak, no strong key scenes that you won’t forget (like in the previous films of this series, eg as they sneak through the gardens behind a castle.) No scenes in this part without clothing.
The white sailor suit is hardly to see on the white shirt. And also the sailor suit of Marcel doesn’t look brave, strict and tidy. Short school scene with sailor suits. Also the historical feeling is missing most of the time (rural France might still look the same).

DVD is RC2, French language only (no subtitles) and 16:9 widescreen. No DVD extras. Could also be better.
So the original rating of 8 was correct. I am very disappointed of part 2, see that entry. See also Story 8: Undressing sailor suit.






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