Radosti i pechali malenkogo lorda


Little Lord Fauntleroy
Year: 2003
Year in film: 1880s
Country: Russia
Who in clothing: Cedric ~12, sailor suit
Who in clothing 2: other hist. clothes
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: low+
Rating:  4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: Aleksey Vesyolkin (Алексей Весёлкин) in an olive sailor suit with matching, wide collar. 3 white stripes. Also other interesting, historical clothes (1880s coat and cap).

The suit is not a regular sailor suit but as I call this, a jacket “for outside”. 2 rows of buttons. No dickey (but the sides of the jacket are higher than the neckline), no scarf. Modern style, white shirt underneath with a regular, short collar.

Russian title: Радости и печали маленького лорда.

Quite handsome boy, but I prefer blue collars and Ricky Schroder. Other adaptions of this novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett:




Alles dreht sich um Michael


Family series. 8 ep
Year: 1968
Year in film: 1960s
Country: Germany
Who in clothing: boys ~6-10 ? Lederhosen
Who in clothing 2: boys shorts
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: very low ?
Rating:  4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: At least one young boy in smooth finish or nappa Lederhosen without suspenders, also some older boys maybe in buckskin Lederhosen (or shorts) and some few more boys in shorts. Image quality on YouTube is pretty bad. Both pics from episode 7.

Finally smooth finished Lederhosen, but I only noticed this very brief scene only. And the boy is very young.

So rating 4 only. The series itself is also not the best. Maybe rating 5-6 only.

There is a sequel series called “Till, der Junge von nebenan” but I only know of boys in shorts (and shirtless in 60s speedos) there. Maybe a bit better. But I don’t like the late 60s nor 70s. B&w as well.

Der blaue Helm


DEFA TV family film
Year: 1979
Year in film: 1970s ?
Country: East Germany
Who in clothing: boy ~13 ? Lederhosen
Who in clothing 2: boys, girls ~8-9 ? shorts
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: low ?
Rating:  4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: At least this older boy in typical buckskin Lederhosen without suspenders but with zippers. Also other, younger kids in shorts including one shirtless boy in red and dark blue shorts, probably cotton fabric.

1976 novel by Günter Görlich. I found this by coincidence but only have checked it briefly. I think rather few good scenes. Older boys in Lederhosen are quite rare in East German movies. But I don’t like this thin actor and 70s style clothes and haircuts.

Rating 4 only. But probably a good plot, like usual.

R.I.P Ulf Stark (“Dårfinkar & dönickar”). For more infos see my shiny shorts blog (rating up to 10).

What Becomes of the Children? (1936)


Drama. Director Walter Shumway
Year: 1936
Year in film: 1930s ?
Country: USA
Who in clothing: Freddy ~8, sailor suit
Who in clothing 2: Marion, boy, sailor suits
Available on DVD: yes ?
I own: no
Clothing occurence: medium ?
Rating:  4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: At least 2 boys including Sonny Bupp (1928-2007, pic 1) and another boy sitting in short sailor suits and one girl (Anne Bennett) in a short sailor dress. Collar flaps are unfortunately very short.

Public domain movie (65 minutes) available on archive.org and YouTube.

I recently found some very interesting classic movies including the Mickey McGuire movie series starring Mickey Rooney. For more infos see my bib overalls and Western  blog. Updates soon.

Rating 3-4 for this.

Sonny Bupp starred in many movies including “Our Gang Follies of 1936” (I only have the 1938 movie here) and some Westerns (soon on my other blog).


Neberte nám princeznú


Family / musical TV movie
Year: 1981
Year in film: 1980s ?
Country: CZ
Who in clothing: girls ~7-9 dresses, collor
Who in clothing 2: boys shorts
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: low
Rating:  3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: Several girls in long, light blue dresses and dark blue sailor collars. Round at front and pointed on the rear. Boys in dark blue shorts but not wearing collars. Brief scene at 34 minutes. Also other scenes of interest in a bath and bedroom. And some teen boys and girls skating in bib overalls (soon on my other blog, rating 3).

Quite interesting but could be better. English title: Let the Princess Stay with Us.

For the rare clothes rating ~3 for now. Movie itself and songs maybe a bit higher.


Das Rätsel der Sandbank (1984)


Adventure / Thriller series, 10 ep
Year: 1984 *
Year in film: 1904
Country: Germany
Who in clothing: boys ~7-13 ? sailor suits
Who in clothing 2: girls dresses
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: low ?
Rating:  7/10 ?
Rating: *******
Comment: Several young boys and teen boys at school. All or almost all in different sailor suits and mainly blue sailor collars. Most collars are short (long neckline at front). One boy in a red sailor collar. Also girls in that class. But not sure if in sailor dresses. Also a spanking scene of the older boy (standing) in long white pants.

Checking for some b&w classics (soon on my bib overalls blog), I found this scene by coincidence on YouTube (titled Prügelstrafe).

The series is available in the great “Große Geschichten” DVD series (“Väter & Söhne” rating 9, Das Klavier (rating 6), Jokehnen (rating 6), Heldenfrühling, Nirgendwo ist Poenichen, Jauche und Levkojen, and several other good series.

There is a 1987 movie with the same title and including some of the scenes of the series, but that one is not a compilation of this series but an independant movie! Based on the 1903 novel “The Riddle of the Sands” by Robert Erskine Childers. There’s also another, British 1979 movie.

I don’t know the complete series, yet, but I assume few or very few scenes. Who knows the complete series and can give more details? Is it worth buying?

Rating 7-8 for now.

Ozhidanie (1981 TV movie)


Odessa TV movie, 2 parts. Dir. Radomir Vasilevsky
Year: 1981
Year in film: ~1980 ?
Country: Soviet Union
Who in clothing: boys ~7-13 ? sailor suits
Who in clothing 2: girls sailor suits ?
Available on DVD: yes ?
I own: no
Clothing occurence: low+ ?
Rating:  4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: Several young boys and I think girls in short sailor suits. Short, blue collars, 3 stripes. Short grey pants, blue caps and red Soviet scarves. Scenes pictured at 22 minutes (part 1).

Russian title: Ожидание, what means Expectations. Novel by Radij Pogodin. Not to be confused with another 1981 Mosfilm War movie with the same title.

Setting is at least partly in ~1980 (or maybe the late 70s). Not sure about flashback scenes. I only have checked it briefly.

Also swimwear, shirtless scenes and boys in shorts with H-style suspenders.

Rating 4 for now. I prefer longer collars. Also soon on my pigtails blog (rating ~4).


Leo (2006)


German TV comedy film starring Elmar Wepper
Year: 2006
Year in film: 2000s ?
Country: Germany
Who in clothing: Paul ~5 ?, Lederhosen
Who in clothing 2: woman, man overalls
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: low
Rating:  6/10
Rating: ******
Comment: At least Hayo Bertram, around 5 or 6 yo in buckskin Lederhosen with H-style suspenders, also sitting. I think rather few scenes, mainly or only at the beginning. He wears a basecap backwards, what is quite rare in combination with traditional Lederhosen. In pic 3, his Lederhosen appear a bit longer than on the other pics, so therefor 3 pics.

Also a man (Wepper) and a young lady in bib overalls (other blog, now rating 3 instead of 4-5 due to very brief scenes).

Not bad, but he’s very young. Typical movie of it’s kind. Modern Heimatfilm. Farm setting.

So rating 5-6. (Rather 5 due to his age and few scenes).

This evening on MDR:

Wenn der weiße Flieder wieder blüht (1953)


Update 2: Neues aus Uhlenbusch


After finding more episodes of Bettkantengeschichten, I also found one more episode of this one.

A very young boy (called Heiner ?) in buckskin Lederhosen with H-sytle suspenders in episode 3. Rating 3 for him only. I still haven’t checked all 40 episodes.

Main entry, boys, girls in Lederhosen, currently still rating 4-5 at



Update: Bettkantengeschichten


At least 2 more episodes showing at least 3 boys in Lederhosen with H-style suspenders (probably some more) both in b&w.

Pic 1 from episode 17, even an undressing scene (not sure if leather, probably not, and I think few scenes of interest and nothing much more shown).

Pics 2+3 from episode 16 at least 2 young boys in Lederhosen.

Also other episodes with boys in shorts and shirtless, bedwetting and peeing in pants plots.

Season 3 ist unfortunately still not available on DVD. Maybe for legal rights or other issues, especially of the best episode 47 which rights were sold to a memorial museum. Maybe separately available under a different title?

Now also on my bib overalls blog (boy, girls, rating 7) and soon on my pigtails blog.

Main entry here, rating 8