Update: Platz an der Halde


Not sure, but I think this is from this movie, currently rating 7(-8) only.

Some boys in different Lederhosen. An older, blonde boy or teen boy in short buckskin Lederhosen with H-style suspenders, a younger boy in smooth finish or nappa Lederhosen (probably with suspenders as well). Also some other, young boys in Lederhosen and shorts.

Very interesting, but there are even better movies in Lederhosen. Color would also be better.

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The Chippendiddys


Dancing documentary
Year: 1995
Year in film: 1990s
Country: UK
Who in clothing: Sid ~10, sailor suit
Who in clothing 2: boys, other clothes
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: low ?
Rating:  6/10 ?
Rating: ******
Comment: At least Sid Smith in a (long) black sailor suit, a very long blue collar and a white cap. The collar seems to be attached onto the jacket.

I found a very brief clip on one of my recordings. I don’t know/don’t remember the complete movie. Maybe the complete group wearing sailor suits as well? But if so, then probably very few scenes.

I haven’t found pics or streaming clips showing that and have to recheck it later, when I have more time. One redhaired boy is very handsome but they are also very thin.

Rating 6 for now for the sailor suit, more for the rest.



Music clip
Year: 1983 ??
Year in film: 1983 ? 1970s?
Country: East Germany
Who in clothing: boys ~7-9 Lederhosen
Who in clothing 2:
Available on DVD: no ? *
I own: no
Clothing occurence: often *
Rating:  7/10 ?
Rating: *******
Comment: At least 3 boys in different short and tight Lederhosen. Maybe the boy in the right in smooth finish Lederhosen? And some more (younger) boys in the choir itself I think in smooth finished Lederhosen.

Finally some good Lederhosen! And finally a choir entry (1st of the DDR?) Has been aired yesterday in the show “Damals war’s” and I almost forgot this. Brief scene after ~1h15. It shows Herbert Roth and the Rundfunk-Kinderchor Leipzig (now MDR Kinderchor) correct title “Herbert Roth & Rundfunkkinderchor Leipzig: Das Rennsteiglied”, mixed choir. Unknown year, maybe according to his haircut in the 60s or 70s.

The year you have to guess in this episode was the death year of Roth. I haven’t heard of him before and my final guess of the year was 1981 (but was wrong). Maybe is this even taken from a movie or TV special (1976 or 1979 would make sense) about him? Who can help here? In the 1983 TV show “Von der Wartburg bis zur Saale” was that song shown, also with that choir, but unknown if it was showing this scene. This is or was available on DVD but I guess the clip was at least recorded earlier. The Rennsteig vinyl LPs were released in the mid 70s, the song is from 1951.

I only found  a clip in bad image quality so I’ve taken that from the mediathek. Few infos, few good pics and no clips about the early choir.

I think, I can give rating 7-8 for now.

Bastien Bastienne (1979)


Year: 1979
Year in film: 1916
Country: France
Who in clothing: Bastien, Bastienne 10+12, sailor suits
Who in clothing 2: Boy 13. Boys, other costumes
Available on DVD: no ?
I own: no
Clothing occurence: medium ?
Rating:  5/10 ?
Rating: *****
Comment: 2 boys, probably Bastien and Bastienne (13 yo darkhaired Serge Dambrine as 12 yo Bastien and 10 yo blonde Emmanuel Prat, pictured ?) in white collars with 3 white stripes (unpictured, shown on the cover or movie poster) at least one in a long dark blue collar with 3 white stripes and at least one boy with a long plain white collar. There’s an older cousin but I don’t know if he wears a sailor suit as well.

I only have checked it briefly but obviously there are only few good sailor suit scenes.

So rating 5-6 for now only.


Les cadets de l’océan


Drama comedy film
Year: 1945
Year in film: 1942 ?
Country: France
Who in clothing: men ~15-20, sailor suits
Who in clothing 2: men shorts
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: often ?
Rating:  3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: Many (around 100) young sailor men and older teen boys in black and also in white, long sailor suits. Long blue collars but white at the front what is quite rare. Clean black or white striped dickeys / striped shirts. Dark sailor caps. Setting is a naval training ship for “teens”.

Also starring 15 yo Jean Claudio who appeared as Alexei Tsarevich in “La tragédie impériale” (1938), aka Rasputin (1938). I still haven’t found pics of him proving that he wore a sailor suit as Alexei.

Also scenes of the young men in striped shirts and shorts.

I haven’t seen the complete movie. And I prefer younger boys in sailor suits. Most men seem to be older, around 20 and I haven’t found the younger teens. The movies about Russian naval schools showing younger boys. Blog search term “naval schools”

So rating 2-3 for now only.

Directed by Jean Dréville. Filmed in 1942 but released in 1945.


Tito i ja


Year: 1992
Year in film: 1950s
Country: YU
Who in clothing: Zoran 10, Lederhosen
Who in clothing 2: shorts, red scarves
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: medium
Rating:  3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: At least Dimitrije Vojnov in Lederhosen with H-style suspenders and Tyrolean hat. Not sure if the pants are really of (buckskin) leather. They are quite long and big. Also kids in red soviet scarves. Silver Seashell Award. Scene at around 55 minutes.

Finally another Lederhosen movie. And even with a chubby boy and even with a Tyroleoan hat, although not a German/Austrian movie.

Chubby boys in Lederhosen are quite rare. I mainly think of Harry Kratz (“Die Sennerin von St. Kathrein” rating 8, “Der Wilderer vom Silberwald“). I like chubby boys, but somehow I don’t like this movie. It’s not a Heimatfilm.

Several scenes with him. But often with a jacket and also in other longer shorts.

Rating 3-4 only. English title: Tito and Me. 118 minutes.

Early seasons of “Der Bergdoktor” are currently being aired.

Paolo il caldo


Drama / Comedy starring Giancarlo Giannini
Year: 1973
Year in film: 1940s ?
Country: Italy
Who in clothing: boys ~5+10 sailor suits
Who in clothing 2: girl sailor dress
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: low +
Rating:  7/10
Rating: *******
Comment: Most notable a boy in a short, looks like black (or very dark blue) sailor suit with a black collar, dickey, cap, long stockings and shoes. Note the 2 white drawstrings. At the beginning peeing scene there’s a very young boy with a white collar (pic 3, middle below) and a girl with a medium blue collar at a window.

A bit later the good scene of pic 1. Also sitting and he’s also kicking the other boy in the butt. They are also both slapped by a man and being pulled by their ears.

Later there’s a very brief scene of a boy in a light green sailor suit. Knee length dark pants. Both boys also shown in night shirts.

2 hours, English title: The Sensual Man, rated R. Interesting coming of age movie but there are better ones. Unfortunately rather few scenes at the beginning only.

So rating 7 only.


I Aliki sto Naftiko


Musical film
Year: 1961
Year in film: 1960s ?
Country: Greece
Who in clothing: Aliki ~27, sailor suit
Who in clothing 2: men sailor suits
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: often
Rating:  3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: Aliki Vougiouklaki and several young sailor men in long white sailor suits and typical long, dark blue collars, 3 white stripes. White sailor caps.

I found this by coincidence and only have checked it at high speed. The woman is quite tomboyish. And the men aren’t anything special. Obviously a typical comedy and musical film. There are many similar US movies, also with women.

Rating 2-3. I prefer younger actors but currently running out of them. (Please make suggestions). Greek title: Η Αλίκη στο ναυτικό. English title: Alice in the Navy.

Nice bunk beds but no need for making an entry on my bedroom blog.

Update: Johanna – Köchin aus Leidenschaft


This modern Heimatfilm has been aired yesterday. Unfortunately, I missed again most of it. I already had an entry (boy, sailor-style clothes, rating 3, but there’s also boys in Lederhosen (at least a toddler, in or outside a church) and maybe men as well. Also choir boys in white gowns and others (women, maybe girls) in traditional clothing.

I have a short recording with the toddler (bad pic) and the choir boys. Coming soon. Not on the mediathek. Available on DVD. New tag Lederhosen.

Sorry, pics are even worse than thought. Fast moving, especially the choirboys.

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Libero (1973)


Biography starring Franz Beckenbauer
Year: 1973
Year in film: 1970s
Country: Germany
Who in clothing: boy ~9, Lederhosen
Who in clothing 2: shorts, pajamas
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, TV recording
Clothing occurence: low
Rating:  3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: At least one Bavarian boy playing Soccer in traditional clothes including long, dark brown buckskin Lederhosen. Scene at 39 minutes after the first classroom scene (including the comments). Suspenders not shown (maybe under the pullover ?), red stockings. I think I also have seen a boy in short beige Lederhosen but currently, I cannot find him anymore. Also boys in shorts (1 medium blue, one short, tight dark brown, some later in colorful shorts). 3 boys in pajamas.

Another nice 70s movie in the Schlefaz movie series (worst movies of all times). Has been aired yesterday. Available on the mediathek.

I have to recheck it more carefully at slow speed but there are few and brief scenes. 2 school scenes.

Rating 2-3 only.