Young People’s Specials

Afterschool Special. 19+ ep, 1984-1988 ?
Year: 1980s ?
Year in film: 1930s ?? 1970s ?
Country: USA
Who in clothing: girl ~11, sailor dress
Who in clothing 2: other hist. clothes, overalls
Available on DVD: VHS only (OOP)
I own: no
Clothing occurrence: low ?
Rating:  3/10 ?
Rating: ***
Comment: At least a darkhaired girl in a light blue sailor dress with matching collar and dickey. 1 white stripe and scarf. Also a man in bib overalls. Unknown episode. Maybe “The Land, the Sea, the Children There”. (No entry on IMDb) with a 10 yo Sandra with 4 siblings. Aired in 1979. Or maybe “Westward Wagons” produced in 1973 and 1870s setting (no entry on IMDb) or s1e7 (1976) with 11 yo Lara Berk as Debbie. Obviously not s1e1 “Runaway to Glory” (1986) with Molly and granddad (with a straw hat, depicting on top of the VHS).

By coincidence, I found a VHS cover, depicting the girl and kids from other episodes.

I can’t say much more. Some infos on

Episode “Umbrella Jack” recently updated on my bib overalls blog and added to my bedroom blog, next infos about other episodes. Also especially of interest an Amish boy in the awarded episode “Joshua’s Confusion”  (no entry on IMDb of that one). Other episodes are set in the 1980s and 1930s. And I think one in the 12th and maybe one in the 19th century.


Update: Road to Avonlea – (season 2 on TV)


Some more great historical clothes, especially of Zac.

Pic 1 from s2e1, pic 2 from s2e3, currently running. Also girls in sailor dresses and similar. One older girl in a sailor dress with dark blue collar doing gym (bending forwards) while her collar flap partially falling down.

Main entry (also updated on my overalls blog, rating 9)


Captain Spanky’s Show Boat


Classic comedy short film (Little Rascals / Our Gang)
Year: 1939
Year in film: 1930s
Country: USA
Who in clothing: Clyde ~4
Who in clothing 2:
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurrence: low ?
Rating:  2/10
Rating: **
Comment: And another talkie of Our Gang.

Clyde Willson in a medium blue or similar long sailor suit. White sailor’s cap, shoes and scarf. 3 white stripes on collar and dickey.

Quite interesting sailor suit, but he’s too young. So rating ~2 only.

Also Robert Blake and Leonard Landy in bib overalls. I think nothing special. No entry on my other blog.

Main overview post


Update: Road to Avonlea – (season 1 on TV)


Sunday on German’s Bibel TV.

Next to girls and women, there are also boys and a young man in sailor suits. Including wet scenes at a beach in bathing costumes and sailor suits. Also boys and a man in bib overalls (other blog now rating 9 instead of 7).

Pics 1+4 from season 7, pic 2 from a 1992 making of (is this the same series ?), pic 3 from s6e2. Also soon on my pigtails blog. Another interesting version is the 1975 BBC series Anne of Avonlea (at least nice historical clothes and pigtails).

Main entry here, currently rating 4 for the girl’s sailor suits



My Family (1995)


Drama, nominated for Oscar
Year: 1995
Year in film: 1920s ? (, later)
Country: USA
Who in clothing: boy ~8 ?, man sailor suits
Who in clothing 2: boys overalls
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurrence: very low
Rating:  3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: One boy in a medium blue sailor suit with matching collar, I think one stripe only and a long white or similar scarf. Beige pants. Dancing and so collar flying up. Brief scene at ~9 minutes. Beginning probably set in the 1920s.

Also a sailor man in a white suit at 30 minutes. (1930s ? or 1940s ?)

2 or 3 boys in bib overalls including one chubba boy dancing. Other blog rating 5 (soon to be updated). Most other scenes from the 1950s and 1960s.

Rare sailor suit but brief scene so rating ~3-4 only.

A Tough Winter (1930) Our Gang


Classic comedy short film (Little Rascals / Our Gang)
Year: 1930
Year in film: ~1930
Country: USA
Who in clothing: Wheezer ~5
Who in clothing 2:
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurrence: medium- ?
Rating:  4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: And another talkie of Our Gang.

Bobby Hutchins in a sailor suit and long dotted scarf. Unknown colors.

Sorry, I already have pictures of this in Hollywoods Spaßfabrik. At least I found out the title, now. He also appears like this in some other episodes. Earlier with a straw hat. And he also wore bib overalls.



No Father to Guide Him


Silent short film. Chevy Chase
Year: 1925
Year in film: 1920s
Country: USA
Who in clothing: Jump son 10
Who in clothing 2:
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurrence: low+
Rating:  3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: Canadian Mickey Bennett in a long dark (blue) sailor suit with matching dickey and collar. I think a rather short collar flap. Also sitting on a swing and also on a beach in a bathing costume.

19 minutes, silent.

Not that bad. I like classics. I’m still searching for the Chevy chase film “One of the Smiths” (1931) for my overalls blog. And I have to check more movies of him.

Rating ~3 for this.

Info 305: Webfinds Lederhosen

I found a great facebook page showing several boys and girls in different Lederhosen dancing Schuplattler. Long and short Lederhosen. I think very few ones in smooth finished leather as well.

Unlike the tumblr blogs, who always got deleted sooner or later, I think this is decent enought to add this on my blogroll.

Pause für Wanzka

DFF TV drama, family film
Year: 1990
Year in film: 1961
Country: East Germany
Who in clothing: boys ~9-11 ? Lederhosen
Who in clothing 2: boys shorts
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurrence: medium- ?
Rating:  6/10 ?
Rating: ******
Comment: Some boys in Lederhosen including one chubby, redhaired boy. Without suspenders. Probably buckskin (with patina). Also others in shorts and blue scarves.

Quite new DVD release. Sorry, currently no pics not even trailers available. Probably worth buying.

1968 novel by Alfred Wellm. Filmed in 1989 and 1990, set in 1961. Maybe almost like a Heimatfilm.

Rating ~6-7 for now, maybe even much higher. Needs to be rechecked later.